8 of the Best TV Sisters…

Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday and so I have put together a list of my favorite sisters in her honor. I do not know what it is like growing up with a sister, as I only have the one brother, but these relationships made me want one. Sometimes they even reminded me how annoying I was myself.

1. Danielle – My So-Called Life played by Lisa Wilhoit. We did not really know very much about Danielle, except that she was usually jealous of Angela and had a crush on Brian Krakow. I’d like to think that if the show had lasted more than one season, we would have learned more about Danielle and her life.

2. Rudy, Vanessa and Denise – The Cosby Show played by Keshia Knight Pulliam, Tempestt Bledsoe and Lisa Bonet. They fought a lot, just like siblings do, but they were also always there for each other. There was a fourth sister played by Sabrina Le Beauf, but I never really liked Sondra or her storylines and she never lived in the house with the rest of the family.

3. Ginnie, Anne, Marjee and Rose – Related played by Jennifer Esposito, Kiele Sanchez, Lizzy Caplan and Laura Breckenridge. This was a WB show that only last one season, but I really loved the family dynamic between these four sisters. They were each different and had different interests, but they supported each other and were very involved in each other’s lives.

4. Ellie – Chuck played by Sarah Lancaster. Ellie was kept in the dark about what her brother was really up to most of the time but, since their mother left when they were young, she had basically raised Chuck and just wanted him to be happy and safe.


8 Episodes of Friends…

I recently started re-watching Friends from the beginning and decided to make my list of favorite episodes. There are definitely plot points from other episodes that I love (mostly having to do with Ross-leather pants, teeth whitening, tanning, etc.) but feel that the other parts of those episodes are not as great. This is still one of my favorite shows and I can watch the episodes repeatedly and still quote most of the lines.

1. The One With George Stephanopoulos The boys go to a hockey game and Ross gets hit in the face with the puck and they end up in the emergency room. The girls have a slumber party and end up with George Stephanopoulos’s pizza so they spy on him from their balcony.

2. The One Where No One’s Ready Ross is giving a speech at the museum where he works and he is getting very frustrated when no one is ready on time. Monica has just broken up with Richard, but she hears a message from him on the answering machine and is not sure if it is new or old. Joey and Chandler are fighting over the chair which escalates into Joey putting on all of Chandler’s clothes.

3. The One the Morning After This one takes place the morning after Rachel told Ross that she wanted to take a break and he slept with the copy girl. They argue and break up while the rest of the friends are trapped in Monica’s bedroom. I think this was really the first time that I was so invested in a show and its characters that it actually made me cry when Ross and Rachel broke up.

4. The One With Chandler in a Box This is the Thanksgiving episode from Season 4. Joey found out that Chandler is in love with and kissed his girlfriend, so he makes Chandler spend the day inside a box. Monica has invited Richard’s son Timothy to dinner and Ross is made at Rachel for returning a necklace her gave her while they were dating.


8 of the Greatest TV Pets…

Last week, I lost my best friend in the whole world to cancer. His name was Archie, he was a 13 year old Shetland Sheepdog and I really do feel like I lost a part of myself. What is shocking (and a little weird) is that several of my friends have also had to put their dogs down in the past two weeks or have recently found out that their pets are ill. So, this week’s post is not just in memory of Archie, but also for Charlie, Fleur, Jake, Maddie, Harry, Augie, Alize and anyone else who has lost their friend.

1. Marcel – Friends His favorite song was The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens, he had a thing for Curious George and he eventually became a movie star, how could you not love Marcel?!

2. Backup – Veronica Mars He kind of disappeared after the first season but, when he was around, he always protected Veronica from the bad guys.

3. Wildfire – Wildfire Kris saved Wildfire from being slaughtered and Wildfire saved Kris from her delinquent past so the two became forever linked. In the series finale, Jean and Pablo gave Wildfire to Kris as a wedding present because of their bond.

4. Burt Reynolds – Hart of Dixie He belongs to Bluebell Mayor Lavon Hayes and scared Zoe on her first night in town. He was also once kidnapped by the mayor of neighboring town Fillmore. I just wish we saw more of Burt.


8 References to the Birthplace of Freedom…

Tomorrow is Independence Day and, since the Declaration of Independence was signed in my home city of Philadelphia, this week I have decided to give you a list of my favorite Philly references.

1. 30 Rock Tina Fey grew up in Upper Darby, which is a suburb of Philadelphia, so there are several scenes I could have chosen. Aside from the below clip, there is also an episode featuring the Phillie Phanatic and an episode where, after being asked to do Jack a favor Liz says, “If I’m doing this for you, guess what buddy? I get your Yankees tickets on ARod bobblehead day! And I’m gonna throw that thing in front of a train. Go Phillies!” which just makes me laugh every time!

2. Bones David Boreanaz is also from Philadelphia and he represents his Philly pride well with Seeley Booth. There are lots of Flyers references throughout the show, but my favorite episode is the one where Booth finds seats on the side of the road from the old Veterans Stadium. He tries to take them home, only to have the power go out and he and Brennan get stuck in an elevator.

3. American Dreams This show was set in Philadelphia on the set of American Bandstand in the mid-sixties when it was at the height of its popularity. The Pryor family are big Eagles and Phillies fans, JJ Pryor attends Lehigh University and their Uncle Pete works for the Philadelphia Police Department. The show even deals with riots that took place in Philly during the summer of 1964 and the Northeast blackout in 1965.

4. Boy Meets World Creator Michael Jacobs is actually from New Jersey, but we will let that slide since the Matthews family lives in Philly and are big Phillies fans. Cory even dressed as his favorite player one Halloween.


8 Opening Credits That I Always Watch…

These days, a lot of shows do not really have a full opening theme, they just have a name card, but I really enjoy credits when they are done correctly. Most of my choices are due mainly to the music used for each show and sometimes it is hard to pinpoint exactly what about each one I enjoy, but they all make me really happy when I watch them…and I always watch these.

1. Grey’s Anatomy I am obviously referring to the original credits, as now they just flash the name of the show with random hospital sounds in the background. I just thought that they were creative and fit the mood of the show. I am not sure why they stopped using them, but I still miss them.

2. Jack & Bobby The music is from the movie The Patriot and was composed by the amazing John Williams. I love the combination of this soundtrack with clips of former U.S. Presidents speaking.

3. Deadwood This one is actually the ringtone on my phone. I love the music and the images used. It is beautiful, sexy and captivating.

4. Suits I am not really sure what it is about this one that I enjoy so much. I just think the music and the lyrics in the song really fit with the show. Love that Greenback Boogie!


8 of My Favorite Food-Related Storylines…

My best friend just had her second baby two weeks ago, so in honor of Chase and because his mother requested this list, I present to you my favorite food related storylines.

1. Friends – Rachel’s Trifle This whole episode is one of my favorites, especially when Ross and Monica’s mother calls everybody out at the end, but it all starts with the trifle.

2. Kitchen Confidential – Chef Gerard After one too many bypass surgeries, instead of deciding to start eating healthy, Jack’s culinary school professor chooses Nolita as the location for his very last meal.

3. Seinfeld – Soup Nazi You cannot have a food-related list and not include this episode. It is just so funny and it makes me yell, “No soup for you!”

4. Sons of Anarchy – Chuckie’s Chili Chuckie finds an interesting place to hide a head that was dropped on SAMCRO’s doorstep from the deputies that are searching the clubhouse. They even ask to taste the chili because it just smells so good.


8 Actresses You Should Know…

My brain is still recovering from my awesome weekend working for the ATX Television Festival, so this week I am following up my list of 8 Actors You Should Know from a few weeks ago with this list of actresses. I always love when these ladies show up on my favorite shows and hope that more people feel the same way.

1. Rachel Boston

Previously: American Dreams, The Closer, NCIS, 7th Heaven, Grey’s Anatomy, Crossing Jordan, Rules of Engagement, Las Vegas, Curb Your Enthusiasm, ER, The Cleaner, The Ex List, Accidentally on Purpose, Eastwick, Castle, Mad Love, In Plain Sight
Currently: Witches of East End

2. Dichen Lachman

Previously: Dollhouse, NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-0, Torchwood, The Guild, Being Human, The Glades, The League, Last Resort, CSI, King & Maxwell, Shameless
Currently: The 100

3. Natalie Zea

Previously: CSI, The Shield, Two and a Half Men, Without a Trace, Dirty Sexy Money, Hung, Medium, The Defenders, Law & Order: LA, Franklin & Bash, Royal Pains, Person of Interest, Californication, Under the Dome
Currently: Justified, The Following

4. Cynthia Addai-Robinson

Previously: Law & Order: Criminal Intent, CSI: Miami, Dirt, Entourage, Life, Numb3rs, CSI: NY, FlashForward, NCIS: Los Angeles, Spartacus, The Vampire Diaries, King & Maxwell, Dallas
Currently: Arrow


8 of My Favorite Returning Summer Shows…

Two weeks ago, I told you which new summer shows I was planning to watch, so I will now give you the list of returning shows that I enjoy the most.

1. Orange Is The New Black, season 2 will be released June 6th on Netflix. In my opinion, this is the best of Netflix’s original shows. Every one in the main cast is great, but it is the phenomenal supporting cast that really makes up the heart and soul of this show. They are each amazing and essential to the story and I am excited to delve deeper into their individual stories.

2. Suits, season 4 premieres June 11th on USA. The writing on this show is so fun and smart and I can never predict where they are going to take us next. In the season three finale, Mike left Pearson Specter to work for an investment company, so it will be interesting to see how they keep him connected to his former firm and to his mentor.

3. Graceland, season 2 also premieres June 11th on USA. This show started off a little slow for me but definitely picked up steam at the end of the first season, which will hopefully carry into this new season. It has a lot of potential to be great and it offers up some twists and turns that definitely keep things interesting.

4. Rookie Blue, season 5 premieres June 19th on ABC. I have been watching this show since the first season and I just cannot stop. I really enjoy the cast and even some of the ridiculous storylines. Will Andy choose Nick or Sam? I HAVE TO KNOW! Also, now every time I see Eric Johnson I cannot help but think, “Chad, shut your stupid mouth and feed the kids.” FYI: The below video preview is from the Canadian channel that airs the show, so the date is incorrect.


8 Things I Am Most Looking Forward to at ATX Television Festival Season Three…

I was so lucky to have gotten involved with the ATX Television Festival before the first year and have looked forward to this weekend every year since! In case you do not already know, the festival brings together actors, writers, directors, producers, music supervisors, studio executives and fans to talk about the past, present and future of television here in Austin, Texas. From June 5-8, there will be screenings, panels, parties and live music with some of the industry’s leading professionals. There are SO MANY awesome things going on over the weekend, but this is what I am most looking forward to, in no particular order.

1. Hey Dude Reunion – I loved this show growing up and would watch the reruns on Nickelodeon whenever they were on. I remember wanting to be just like Brad and if there had been dude ranches in Philadelphia, I probably would have wanted to work at one. Just watch out for those man-eatin’ jackrabbits and those killer cacti!

2. Friday Night Lights Outdoor Screening – This is my favorite event every year. What could be better than watching Tim Riggins on a big screen out under the Texas sky?! This year there will also be great music from Sarah Watkins and Guiney & Grimes before the sun goes down.

3. Henry Winkler – ATX is presenting the first ever Achievement in Television Excellence award at this year’s festival and Mr. Winkler is the perfect recipient. His body of work encompasses the standards that drive ATX Television Festival: genuine, thoughtful, expansive, and most importantly, entertaining. His conversation with Royal Pains Executive Producer Michael Rauch is sure to be something you do not want to miss!

4. The Awesome Food and Drink Sponsors – Since I work all weekend from about 9 a.m. to whenever the party stops each night (or I fall asleep standing up), I pretty much live off of this food for four days. This year that includes KIND Snacks, Cornucopia popcorn, Blue Bell ice cream, CuvĂ©e Coffee, Topo Chico, Tito’s Vodka, Bulleit Bourbon, Treaty Oak Rum and Waterloo Gin.


8 New Summer Shows I Plan to Check Out…

Over the past few years, Summer programming has gotten much better. Along with some of my returning favorites (that I will list next week), there are quite a few new shows that look very promising. These are the ones that I am most excited about, listed in chronological order.

1. Undateable premieres May 29 on NBC, stars Chris D’Elia, Ron Funches, Brent Morin, Bianca Kajlich, Rick Glassman, David Fynn and Briga Heelan. This is a new comedy from the creator of Cougar Town and Scrubs and is about a group of friends who need a lot of relationship help.

2. Dominion premieres June 19 on Syfy, stars Christopher Egan, Anthony Stewart Head, Tom Wisdom, Roxanne McKee, Alan Dale, Luke Allen-Gale, Shivani Ghai, Rosalind Halstead and Carl Buekes. Set in the near future, this takes place 25 years after the archangel Gabriel and an army of angels waged war on humankind. The archangel Michael sided with the humans and small cities which protect human survivors still exist. The series focuses on the city of Vega, which is located where Las Vegas used to be.

3. The Last Ship premieres June 22 on TNT, stars Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin, Rhona Mitra, Travis Van Winkle, John Pyper-Ferguson, Marissa Neitling, Charles Parnell, Christina Elmore, Jocko Sims, Kevin Michael Martin and Michael Curran-Dorsano. 80% of the world’s population has been wiped out by an unknown virus and the crew of a naval destroyer must find the cure before all humans become extinct.

4. The Leftovers premieres June 29 on HBO, stars Liv Tyler, Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston, Carrie Coon, Curtiss Cook, Ann Dowd, Michael Gaston, Chris Zylka, Charlie Carver and Max Carver. Based on the best-selling novel by Tom Perrotta, the story follows police chief Kevin Garvey in his small New York town. 2% of the world’s population has mysteriously disappeared and everyone else is left to figure out what they are supposed to do about it.