8 of My Favorite Character Make-Overs…

Welcome to My TV Family! I have decided to move on from my previous website, Aye, Tortuga!, and start fresh with a more television focused blog. I am glad that you are joining me on this new adventure! To kick things off, I present you with my favorite TV make-overs. Some of these are permanent changes the characters made to their appearance and some are simply one-time looks, but all are amazing.

1. Veronica Mars: At the request of her friend Meg, Veronica is forced to go to the ’80s themed Spring Dance. She describes the Madonna-esque outfit as “Manila Whore Barbie.”

2. My So-Called Life: In the series premiere, Angela is convinced by new friends Rayanne and Rickie to dye her hair red.

3. Firefly: In order to meet a new contact for a job, Mal and Kaylee have to get dressed up and go to a ball. Kaylee uses the opportunity to wear a new dress she had been eying and Mal is her escort, tight pants and all.

4. Orphan Black: After seeing Beth, a woman that looks remarkably similar to herself, jump in front of a train, Sarah decides to take over this stranger’s identity. In order to steal all of Beth’s money as well, Sarah needs a new hairstyle and a new accent.

5. Felicity: After spending most of the series in goth attire, Meghan decides that her look has become too mainstream. She decides to go more traditional and bases her new wardrobe on the former first lady, Jackie Onassis Kennedy. (This is the only one for which I could not find a picture. The internet failed me.)

6. The Cosby Show: In an attempt to impress a girl, Theo buys a ridiculously expensive new shirt, which his parents force him to return to the store. His sister Denise offers to make him a cheaper replica and the results are not what he expected.

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Cordelia makes a wish to a vengeance demon that Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale and the result is a world where The Master and all his vampires have taken over the town. As a vampire, Willow rocks a hot leather outfit, that she gets to wear again in a later episode when the two realities intersect.

8. Friends: In season 5, Ross’s New Year’s Resolution is to do one new thing every single day. One of the thing’s he chose to do was wear leather pants and it did not turn out well.


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