8 of My Favorite TV Lawyers…

In honor of my older brother’s 35th birthday today, and because he is a fancy New York lawyer, I give you a list of my favorite television lawyers. I decided to make my list of characters from shows that are *not* about lawyers, because otherwise there would just be too many from which to choose.

1. Clair Huxtable – The Cosby Show played by Phylicia Rashad, an awesome lawyer, a partner at her firm, and a fantastic mother of five. I want to be Clair when I grow up.

2. Marshall Erikson – How I Met Your Mother played by Jason Segel, he went to law school in order to protect the environment but often uses his lawyering skills against his friends.

3. Ally Lowen – Sons of Anarchy played by Robin Weigert, you have to be pretty bad-ass if you represent a motorcycle club that runs guns.

4. Cliff McCormack – Veronica Mars played by Daran Norris, as a friend to her dad, Cliff is always willing to help Veronica out of a jam.

5. Lilah Morgan – Angel played by Stephanie Romanov, it is hard not to be evil when the “Senior Partners” of your inter-dimensional law firm are demons.

6. Ainsley Hayes – The West Wing played by Emily Procter, as a Republican, I did not always agree with her political stance on things, but she was smart and funny and liked to argue with Sam.

7. David Vasquez – Justified played by Rick Gomez, as an AUSA, he was originally brought in to investigate Raylan but has most recently teamed up with Raylan and Art in order to take down Boyd Crowder once and for all.

8. Caroline Julian – Bones played by Patricia Belcher, I mostly just love that she calls everyone ‘cherie’ and, when necessary, stares people down like this:

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