8 of My Favorite TV Assistants…

Last Wednesday, April 23rd, was Administrative Professionals Day. In the spirit of recognizing all the hardworking office support staffs out there (myself included), I made a list of my favorite TV assistants.

1. White House Staffers Donna Moss, Margaret Hooper and Dolores Landingham – The West Wing played by Janel Moloney, NiCole Robinson and Kathryn Joosten, I could not decide which was the best of the three so I included them all. They each had their own quirks and strengths, but were always loyal and always did their jobs well. I could have posted many great clips of each of them, but I think this is my favorite:

2. Donna Paulsen – Suits played by Sarah Rafferty, she is perceptive and witty and always knows what is going on with everyone at Pearson Specter. She has been with Harvey since he was at the D.A.’s office and pretty much runs his life. She also always has the best lines.

3. Karen Walker – Will & Grace played by Megan Mullally, she did not need to work because her husband was a millionaire and she never really did anything, but she used her job to get away from her family and she had lots of social connections for Grace. She also enjoyed pointing out all of Grace’s flaws.

4. Elaine Vassal – Ally McBeal played by Jane Krakowski, she was overtly sexual and the inventor of the face bra, among other things, and while her relationship with Ally was initially combative, they eventually became friends.

5. Joan Holloway Harris- Mad Men played by Christina Hendricks, she started out as the office manager and has now managed to make herself one of the managing partners of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. She is sassy and sexy and blunt and the office could not run without her.

6.Kitty Sanchez – Arrested Development played by Judy Greer, she was horrible at her job, but often held family secrets about their father’s illegal dealings over the Bluths so they would not fire her. She was mostly crazy and often liked to flash people, but was always hilarious.

7. Felicity Smoak – Arrow played by Emily Bett Rickards, for Oliver Queen, she is his executive assistant, but for the Arrow, she is so much more than that. She is his tech guru and a huge part of the vigilante’s team.

8.Annabeth Nass – Hart of Dixie played by Kaitlyn Black, she only started working for Brick and Zoe this season, but by making her a part of the doctor’s office she is more involved in the show. More A.B. is always a good thing.

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