8 of My Favorite Returning Summer Shows…

Two weeks ago, I told you which new summer shows I was planning to watch, so I will now give you the list of returning shows that I enjoy the most.

1. Orange Is The New Black, season 2 will be released June 6th on Netflix. In my opinion, this is the best of Netflix’s original shows. Every one in the main cast is great, but it is the phenomenal supporting cast that really makes up the heart and soul of this show. They are each amazing and essential to the story and I am excited to delve deeper into their individual stories.

2. Suits, season 4 premieres June 11th on USA. The writing on this show is so fun and smart and I can never predict where they are going to take us next. In the season three finale, Mike left Pearson Specter to work for an investment company, so it will be interesting to see how they keep him connected to his former firm and to his mentor.

3. Graceland, season 2 also premieres June 11th on USA. This show started off a little slow for me but definitely picked up steam at the end of the first season, which will hopefully carry into this new season. It has a lot of potential to be great and it offers up some twists and turns that definitely keep things interesting.

4. Rookie Blue, season 5 premieres June 19th on ABC. I have been watching this show since the first season and I just cannot stop. I really enjoy the cast and even some of the ridiculous storylines. Will Andy choose Nick or Sam? I HAVE TO KNOW! Also, now every time I see Eric Johnson I cannot help but think, “Chad, shut your stupid mouth and feed the kids.” FYI: The below video preview is from the Canadian channel that airs the show, so the date is incorrect.

5. Rectify, season 2 premieres June 19th on Sundance. After serving nineteen years on death row for murdering his girlfriend, Daniel is released due to some new DNA evidence and must reintegrate himself into society. It is still unclear whether or not Daniel is indeed guilty, but you cannot help but feel for him and his family as they try to readjust their lives.

6. Witches of East End season 2 premieres July 6th on Lifetime. The door to Asgard has been opened and I am not entirely sure what that means, except that it is certain to make for some crazy, new adventures. I was not convinced that I would like this show when it first started, but it really is a lot of fun. Also, the entire cast is super hot.

7. Masters of Sex season 2 premieres July 13th on Showtime. I told you last month that you should be watching this show, so I hope you listened to me and got caught up because season two looks SO GOOD!

8. Doctor Who, season 8 premieres August 23 on BBC America. I came a little late to the Doctor Who party, but I am all caught up and ready for this season. Peter Capaldi is the newest Doctor and, although I know next to nothing about what is in store, I am very excited.

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