8 of My Favorite Food-Related Storylines…

My best friend just had her second baby two weeks ago, so in honor of Chase and because his mother requested this list, I present to you my favorite food related storylines.

1. Friends – Rachel’s Trifle This whole episode is one of my favorites, especially when Ross and Monica’s mother calls everybody out at the end, but it all starts with the trifle.

2. Kitchen Confidential – Chef Gerard After one too many bypass surgeries, instead of deciding to start eating healthy, Jack’s culinary school professor chooses Nolita as the location for his very last meal.

3. Seinfeld – Soup Nazi You cannot have a food-related list and not include this episode. It is just so funny and it makes me yell, “No soup for you!”

4. Sons of Anarchy – Chuckie’s Chili Chuckie finds an interesting place to hide a head that was dropped on SAMCRO’s doorstep from the deputies that are searching the clubhouse. They even ask to taste the chili because it just smells so good.

5. Gilmore Girls – Mallomars There are so many good food related scenes from this show, but I love this one mostly because of the way Lorelei’s behavior confuses Luke.

6. Felicity – Smoothaise Sean was always trying to come up with the next great invention and Smoothaise was a new condiment that he forced everyone to try…even strangers at a party he was supposed to be catering.

7. Sports Night – Turkey Sandwich After spending the day trapped in the office without food thanks to a water main break, Dan finally remembers there is a turkey sandwich in the fridge. During this episode, Dan is also trying to figure out how to best spend his disposable income, asking everyone which charities they favor. In the end, he figures out the best way to give back. Look at what we can do.

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Thanksgiving Freshman year of college, Buffy decides that she will make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for all her friends. As tends to happen in Sunnydale, things do not exactly go according to plan.

If you have any requests for blog topics, please let me know in the comments!


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