8 Opening Credits That I Always Watch…

These days, a lot of shows do not really have a full opening theme, they just have a name card, but I really enjoy credits when they are done correctly. Most of my choices are due mainly to the music used for each show and sometimes it is hard to pinpoint exactly what about each one I enjoy, but they all make me really happy when I watch them…and I always watch these.

1. Grey’s Anatomy I am obviously referring to the original credits, as now they just flash the name of the show with random hospital sounds in the background. I just thought that they were creative and fit the mood of the show. I am not sure why they stopped using them, but I still miss them.

2. Jack & Bobby The music is from the movie The Patriot and was composed by the amazing John Williams. I love the combination of this soundtrack with clips of former U.S. Presidents speaking.

3. Deadwood This one is actually the ringtone on my phone. I love the music and the images used. It is beautiful, sexy and captivating.

4. Suits I am not really sure what it is about this one that I enjoy so much. I just think the music and the lyrics in the song really fit with the show. Love that Greenback Boogie!

5. The Newsroom I prefer the first season theme and now usually fast forward through the opening credits and just listen to the closing credits instead. I just find the original music and images to be more moving.

6. Treme For a show about New Orleans, you could not ask for a better theme song. You cannot help but dance along. Also, I do not want to say that I like all of the images that are used, but they depict the reality of what happened to the city after Katrina and are sometimes hard to see, but completely appropriate for the show.

7. Firefly It actually caught me off-guard the first time I heard these credits because when you are watching a sci-fi show, you do not expect western music. However, I eventually grew to love the song and appreciate its relevance to the theme of the show. I, sadly, could not find the correct video, so this is just the music.

8. Weeds Every episode had the same song and each version was sung by a different artist, but I think that the original was my favorite. Having grown up in the suburbs, I also enjoyed the imagery used in the first few seasons. In later seasons, the opening credits would be different for each episode and were equally fun, but not quite as memorable.

There are several more that I enjoy that did not make the list. What are some of your favorites?!

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