8 of the Greatest TV Pets…

Last week, I lost my best friend in the whole world to cancer. His name was Archie, he was a 13 year old Shetland Sheepdog and I really do feel like I lost a part of myself. What is shocking (and a little weird) is that several of my friends have also had to put their dogs down in the past two weeks or have recently found out that their pets are ill. So, this week’s post is not just in memory of Archie, but also for Charlie, Fleur, Jake, Maddie, Harry, Augie, Alize and anyone else who has lost their friend.

1. Marcel – Friends His favorite song was The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens, he had a thing for Curious George and he eventually became a movie star, how could you not love Marcel?!

2. Backup – Veronica Mars He kind of disappeared after the first season but, when he was around, he always protected Veronica from the bad guys.

3. Wildfire – Wildfire Kris saved Wildfire from being slaughtered and Wildfire saved Kris from her delinquent past so the two became forever linked. In the series finale, Jean and Pablo gave Wildfire to Kris as a wedding present because of their bond.

4. Burt Reynolds – Hart of Dixie He belongs to Bluebell Mayor Lavon Hayes and scared Zoe on her first night in town. He was also once kidnapped by the mayor of neighboring town Fillmore. I just wish we saw more of Burt.

5. Paul Anka – Gilmore Girls Lorelei adopted him in the final season when she was estranged from Rory. You never actually saw him do any of the weird things that Lorelei claimed he did, but he was still super cute.

6. Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion – Game of Thrones Did anyone else cry when Daenerys locked them in that cage? I know they were eating sheep and attacking people, but she is the Mother of Dragons and they are her babies!

7. Ferguson – New Girl I loved Winston this past season and Ferguson was a huge part of that. If you are an animal person, then you totally understand the feeling of sometimes just wanting to stay home on the couch with your pet rather than interacting with humans.

8. Eddie – Frasier Frasier was not really a fan of his father’s dog because Eddie mostly liked to sit on Martin’s chair and silently judge Frasier, which I think most of our pets do on a regular basis.

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