8 Episodes of Friends…

I recently started re-watching Friends from the beginning and decided to make my list of favorite episodes. There are definitely plot points from other episodes that I love (mostly having to do with Ross-leather pants, teeth whitening, tanning, etc.) but feel that the other parts of those episodes are not as great. This is still one of my favorite shows and I can watch the episodes repeatedly and still quote most of the lines.

1. The One With George Stephanopoulos The boys go to a hockey game and Ross gets hit in the face with the puck and they end up in the emergency room. The girls have a slumber party and end up with George Stephanopoulos’s pizza so they spy on him from their balcony.

2. The One Where No One’s Ready Ross is giving a speech at the museum where he works and he is getting very frustrated when no one is ready on time. Monica has just broken up with Richard, but she hears a message from him on the answering machine and is not sure if it is new or old. Joey and Chandler are fighting over the chair which escalates into Joey putting on all of Chandler’s clothes.

3. The One the Morning After This one takes place the morning after Rachel told Ross that she wanted to take a break and he slept with the copy girl. They argue and break up while the rest of the friends are trapped in Monica’s bedroom. I think this was really the first time that I was so invested in a show and its characters that it actually made me cry when Ross and Rachel broke up.

4. The One With Chandler in a Box This is the Thanksgiving episode from Season 4. Joey found out that Chandler is in love with and kissed his girlfriend, so he makes Chandler spend the day inside a box. Monica has invited Richard’s son Timothy to dinner and Ross is made at Rachel for returning a necklace her gave her while they were dating.

5. The One With the Embryos Chandler and Joey think that they know Monica and Rachel better than they know the guys, so Ross creates a quiz. If the boys lose they have to get rid of their birds and if the girls lose they have to give up their apartment. Also, Phoebe has agreed to carry her brother’s baby with his wife Alice and waits to see if she is in fact pregnant after being artificially inseminated.

6. The One Where Everybody Finds Out Ugly Naked guy is moving and while looking at his apartment for Ross, Phoeobe sees Monica and Chandler making out through the window. Joey is excited that he can finally stop keeping the secret of their relationship, but Phoebe and Rachel instead want to mess with Monica and Chandler.

7. The One Where Ross Got High Ross and Monica’s parents have come over for Thanksgiving dinner, but they do not know that Monica is living with Chandler. The Gellar’s don’t like Chandler because they think he used to smoke pot while roommate with Ross in college. Rachel tries to make a dessert, but misreads the recipe and accidentally adds beef and Joey would prefer to spend the day with his roommate, who is a model, and her friends.

8. The Last One The two part finale was the perfect ending to this series. Monica and Chandler’s birth mother goes into labor and they are surprised with twins. After sleeping with each other again, Ross decides that he cannot let Rachel move to Paris and chases her down at the airport to tell her that he loves her. I just feel that each characters stories were wrapped up, but it also left you wondering what might be next for these six friends.

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