8 Random Things That Make Me Happy…

Every once in a while, I have a rough week and need some cheering up. This happened to be one of those weeks as I lost one of my dear friends, so I thought I would share a few things from this week that made me smile and a few oldies that I use when I need to lift my spirits.

1. Charlie Hunnam’s Message for the Sons of Anarchy Comic-Con Panel For some reason, the actor was not able to be at the final Comic-Con panel for the show last weekend, so he sent this message to the fans.

2. Brian Williams Rapping Every single time The Tonight Show makes one of these videos, I pretty much watch it daily for about a week. I adore Brian Williams and they just keep getting better and better.

3. Justin Theroux drank a Yuengling on The Leftovers This probably excited me more than it should have, but that lager made this Philly girl very happy.


4. Enlisted Clips I am still not over the fact that Fox canceled this show and have my fingers crossed that something works out with Yahoo Screen. Aside from randomly watching clips, I also may have watched each episode more than once on Hulu.

5. The Nerd HQ Conversation with the Cast of Orphan Black I am actively trying to convince every single person I know to watch this show. My favorite part about this panel is that you can tell how much the cast loves and respects each other.

6. How I Met Your Mother cast sings Les Miserables Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris originally did this on the Megan Mullally Show and then re-enacted it while on Inside the Actor’s Studio during their final season. I laugh every time.

7. Kingdom Trailer I love all of the actors on this new DirecTV show and am so excited for it to start. I just need to find a friend with DirecTV before October so I can actually watch it when it airs!*

8. Friends bloopers They never, ever get old and this one is my favorite:

*Updated with embedded video

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