8 Episodes of Gilmore Girls…

The big news on my Twitter timeline this week was that Gilmore Girls is FINALLY being added to Netflix streaming! This is still one of my all time favorite shows, so I thought I would create my list of what I think are the best episodes of the series. I am still firmly on Team Logan, so some of these choices reflect that stance. Please share some of your favorites with me in the comments!

1. Take the Deviled Eggs… Rory attends Sherry’s baby shower and Lorelai gets guilted into joining her. After a lot of ridiculous games and some Christopher stories from Sherry, Lorelai starts to get a little jealous. On the way home, she and Rory decide to devil egg Jess’s new car. The town also gathers for a hilariously unsuccessful political demonstration.

2. A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving Lorelai and Rory have committed to four different Thanksgiving dinners and are trying to pace themselves throughout the day. Sookie has let Jackson be in charge of the turkey and he decides to deep fry it, so she starts drinking. Lane has Dave play during her family dinner and afterwards they share their first kiss. Lorelai also finds out that Rory applied to more colleges than just Harvard and Kirk gets a cat.

3. Raincoats and Recipes Lorelai and Sookie host a practice weekend at the new Dragonfly Inn. Richard and Emily finally admit that they have separated after Lorelai forces them to stay together in the honeymoon suite. Jason tries to get Lorelai back, much to the frustration of Luke, and Dean admits to Rory that he’s not happy in his marriage.

4. Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant! Trying to make a splash at the Yale Daily News, decides to write an article about a secret society on campus. She discovers that Logan is most likely a member. The accountant for the Dragonfly suggests temporarily stopping lunch service, which makes Sookie very upset. She eventually realizes that she is pregnant again. Rory also asks Christopher to leave Lorelai alone so that he does not mess up her new relationship with Luke. (I could not, for the life of me, find a clip of this episode. The internet failed me.)

5. The Party’s Over After learning that Rory and Dean are dating again, Richard and Emily throw her a party to try to set her up with a more suitable Yale man. While trying to have a romantic evening with Lorelai, Luke has to deal with Liz and TJ who are stressing about buying their first house. Also, Lane gets jealous when she finds out that her mother has a young Korean girl living with her.

6. But Not As Cute As Pushkin Rory has been asked by Chilton’s Headmaster Charles to host a potential student for the weekend. However, Anna is more interested in partying than going to classes. Luke’s annual Dark Day coincides with Miss Patti’s 40th Anniversary Party and Logan plays a prank on Rory.

7. Wedding Bell Blues Richard and Emily renew their wedding vows and have a big party. After some meddling from Emily, Christopher gets drunk and insists that he and Lorelai are supposed to be together and that her relationship with Luke is only temporary. Rory and Logan take the next step in their relationship.

8. I Get A Sidekick Out Of You Lane and Zack get married…at two seperate ceremonies. First there is a Buddhist ceremony for Lane’s Korean grandmother and then everyone must literally run to the church for the second church ceremony. Mrs. Kim tells Lorelai that she is only allowed to attend with a date and, since Luke is out of town, she asks Christopher to join her.

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