8 Excellent Bosses…

To be fair, not all of these characters are actually excellent at being the boss, but they are still fun to watch! Happy National Boss’s Day!

1. Wilhelmina Slater – Ugly Betty, played by Vanessa Williams. Willie was not the nicest person, to say the least, but she did know how to run a magazine.

2. Josiah Bartlett – The West Wing, played by Martin Sheen. I do not care what anyone else says, President Bartlett is and will always be my favorite TV President.

3. Nancy Botwin – Weeds, played by Mary Louise Parker. Okay, Nancy was actually a really horrible boss. She always seemed to make spectacularly bad decisions, but could somehow still find a way to make everything right(ish) in the end.

4. Art Mullen – Justified, played by Nick Searcy. While Art seems to have a hard time controlling Raylan and keeping him out of trouble, he always has the best lines.

5. Isaac Jaffe – Sports Night, played by Robert Guillaume. If I had to work for any one of these characters, I would choose Isaac. My favorite line of his (which he says in the below clip) is: “If you’re dumb, surround yourself with smart people. If you’re smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you.”

6. Javier Quintata – Felicity, played by Ian Gomez. It is hard to tell if Javier was actually good at his job, but he was always hilarious and always on Team Ben.

7. Adelle DeWitt – Dollhouse, played by Olivia Williams. In the beginning, it was often hard to figure out if she was one of the good guys or one of the bad guys, but in the end, she turned into quite the mother-figure.

8. Marty Kaan – House of Lies, played by Don Cheadle. Marty is totally immoral when it comes to his business practices, but he must be good at what he does otherwise people would not hire him.


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