8 Restaurants Where I Would Most Like to Dine…

I am not what you would call a ‘foodie,’ but I do enjoy eating, especially if there is cheese involved. These are my favorite TV restaurants where I would most like to dine, either because of the ambiance or the food that they served.

1. Nolita – Kitchen Confidential
Two words: Bradley Cooper. Also, the food actually looked really good.

2. The Icehouse – Dawson’s Creek
I think it would have been fun to compare Bodie and Pacey’s cooking skills. Who was the better chef? The restaurant was a little classier when Pacey re-opened, but the original location had character.

3. Monk’s – Seinfeld
The one thing that Austin is lacking, in terms of food, is a good Jewish deli. All I’m asking for is a corn beef sandwich with a little cole slaw and Russian dressing, and maybe some matzo ball soup!

4. Rammer Jammer – Hart of Dixie
I don’t know if the food is any good, but they usually have live music or some crazy town event going on, so it would least be an entertaining meal.

5. Dragonfly Inn – Gilmore Girls
My initial list included Luke’s Diner instead, but then I realized that Sookie’s cooking was probably much better than Luke’s.

6. Alamo Freeze – Friday Night Lights
To be fair, I could eat at the actual Austin location if I wanted to (a Dairy Queen in real life), but I do not think Smash Williams works there.

7. Steak Me Home Tonight – Happy Endings
Who doesn’t like sandwiches?! Weird people, that’s who.

8. Granny’s Diner – Once Upon a Time
Stop in for a hot chocolate with cinnamon, served by Little Red Riding Hood, and you might run into Captain Hook or one of the seven dwarfs!

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