8 Things For Which I Am Thankful…

Thanksgiving is next week and instead of bringing you a standard list of favorite themed episodes, I thought I would give you my list of television related things for which I am most thankful this year.

1. Generous Friends
This is definitely number one. As a girl on a budget, I cannot always afford to pay for the premium channels or live in a place where I can choose my cable provider, so I have to rely on the generosity of great friends to help get me access to a few of my favorite shows, without which I would not be able to watch things like Outlander or Kingdom.

2. A Darker, Twistier Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
I enjoyed the first season, but it did take a little while for them to find their way. They picked up steam at the end of last year and are powering through this season at full speed. The tone is a little darker, which I love, and the character development has been amazing.

3. Kurt Sutter
Sutter and his Sons of Anarchy writer’s continue to blow my mind each week and I cannot believe there are only two episodes left! Although, sometimes I worry about which lines and situations on the show make me laugh. I find Tig’s sense of humor to be totally crazy and sometimes creepy but always hilarious…and that scares me just a little.

4. Jane the Virgin
This is absolutely my favorite new show this fall. It is well-written and funny and I love it more with each episode. Also, for the record, I am on Team Rafael.

5. The Newsroom
I love everything about this show and it is another one that I will be sad to see end this year. I am currently obsessed with Sloane and Don. I want to have brunch with them every day. I am also really happy that Marcia Gay Harden is back this season.

6. Stephen Amell’s Arrow Work-Out Videos
I could seriously watch these all day long. He is one of the few celebrities I follow on Facebook and it is mostly because of these videos.

7. Play It Again, Dick
More Veronica Mars is always a good thing and this spin-off/alternate reality webseries was just so random and fantastic. It made my marshmallow heart very happy.

8.My Philadelphia Eagles
This may seem like an odd thing to have on this list, but they are playing division rivals the Dallas Cowgirlsboys on Thanksgiving Day and that excites me. I will not be in Philly this year for the holiday and am still keeping my fingers crossed that someone loves me enough to take me to the game in Dallas 🙂

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