8 Parenthood Guest Stars…

I was originally going to make a list of my favorite Braverman moments, but it seems that everyone had that same idea this week so, instead, I have made a list of my favorite Parenthood guest stars. These characters were not an official part of the Braverman clan, but they had a big impact on their lives. I am not emotionally prepared for this series finale, but will definitely have plenty of tissues on hand tonight!

1. Mark Cyr played by Jason Ritter
Mr. Cyr was Amber’s high school English teacher, who she had a crush on, and then he dated Sarah. He and Sarah were engaged, until she met Hank at which point they broke up. Despite their age difference, which caused more than a few disagreements, he was always so good to Sarah and I was sad to see him go. Hank has grown on me, but I still wish Sarah had chosen Mark. Team Cyr for life.

2. Seth Holt played by John Corbett
Seth is Sarah’s ex-husband and the father of Amber and Drew. He a musician and an alcoholic and has a tumultuous relationship with his children. Seth was never around for long, but he always left his mark and I always enjoyed when Corbett popped up on this show. He was definitely not the perfect father, but I like that he and Amber ended up in a good place.

3. Zoe DeHaven played by Rosa Salazar
Zoe worked in Julia’s law firm and was planning to allow Julia and Joel to adopt her baby before ultimately changing her mind to keep it. This storyline was pretty heartbreaking, even if you saw it coming, and Salazar’s and Erika Christensen’s performances were perfect.

4. Ryan York played by Matt Lauria
Ryan is an Iraq war veteran that Zeek met at the VA. He dated Amber and they were engaged for a time before he decided to re-enlist. He is the father of Amber’s newborn baby, Zeek. I really adored this whole storyline in general. The chemistry between Lauria and Mae Whitman was always great and I loved the way they dealt with his PTSD.

5. Dr. Pelikan played by Tom Amandes Dr. Pelikan is the doctor that diagnosed Max as having Asperger’s syndrome at the beginning of the series. Later, he helps Hank comes to the realization that he may also have Asperger’s. Amandes is great in everything that he does and, even though this was not a huge role, he forever changed the course of the Braverman’s lives.

6. Bob Little played by Jonathan Tucker Kristina worked for his campaign and she hired Amber to work with them. He ended up having a fling with Amber, which Kristina promptly squashed. He then ran against Kristina in the race for the Mayor of Berkeley and beat her. I was always happy to see Bob return each season.

7. Gwen Chambers played by Rose Abdoo Kristina met Gwen during her chemotherapy treatments. She encouraged Kristina to run for Mayor and, after she passed away, Kristina and Adam decided to name their school after her. I loved Abdoo as Gypsy on Gilmore Girls and I was very excited when she joined this cast. I bawled when her character died, but I loved how she pushed Kristina and inspired her to do great things.

8. Alex played by Michael B. Jordan Haddie met Alex while volunteering at a homeless shelter. They dated for a while until he eventually breaks up with her because she does not fully understand his sobriety and his past. Jordan is a phenomenal actor and his performance on this show was stellar. I always hoped that he would come back, but then Haddie became a lesbian and all my hopes were dashed.

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