8 Romantic Couples…

Valentine’s Day is on Saturday and, even though no one will be sending me flowers this weekend, I can still appreciate a good romance. It would have been impossible to create a list of my favorite couples of *all time* so, instead, I just chose couples from shows that are currently on TV.

1. Beverly and Murray – The Goldbergs
I love these two so much. They do not often express their love for each other with words, but you know that the love is always there.

2. Patrick and Kevin – Looking
Even though they seem to be split up for the moment, I am guessing that things are not over for good. I just think that they are really adorable together and Kevin needs to get his shit together, break-up with his boyfriend and just be with Patrick.

3. Octavia and Lincoln – The 100
Okay, so Lincoln may currently be addicted to some drug that the Mount Weather folks gave him but, they continue to fight for each other through everything and I believe that their love is strong.

4. Mickey and Ian – Shameless
I have loved this couple from the very beginning of the series. You can tell that they really care for each other. They are currently going through a bit of a rough patch, but they always seem to find their way back.

5. Zoe and Wade – Hart of Dixie
When the show started, it seemed like they were moving toward a Zoe/George coupling, but I actually prefer Zoe with Wade. He calls her on her shit and she makes him want to be a better man. With a baby on the way, I just hope these two can make things work for good.

6. Hayley and Jackson – The Originals
I know that this is probably not the popular choice for Hayley, but I actually really like these two together. Jackson keeps Hayley grounded and they are helping their people survive by getting married. I just hope Klaus does not screw everything up for them.

7. Jamie and Claire – Outlander
Their wedding may not have been out of necessity to start, but they are growing to truly love one another very deeply. They have a lot of obstacles to overcome but, I cheated and started reading the books so, I know what happens and it is really good. (I could not get the video to actually appear on the page, but click on the below link and you will not be disappointed.)


8. Jane and Rafael – Jane the Virgin
They came together under very unusual circumstances but, even though they have had different life experiences, they support each other while still challenging each other to be better.


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