8 Christian Characters…

It is the season of Lent and Easter is just five weeks away. Since I gave you my list of favorite Jewish characters during Rosh Hashanah, I decided now would be a great time for my list of favorite Christian television characters.

1. Alba Villanueva – Jane the Virgin played by Ivonne Coll.
Jane’s grandmother is a devout Catholic and sharing her faith with her family was important to her. It did not really stick with her daughter, Xiomara, but Jane took it very seriously.

2. President Josiah Bartlett – The West Wing played by Martin Sheen.
A graduate of the Univeristy of Notre Dame, he quoted scripture often (sometimes in Latin) and even considered becoming a priest before going into politics.

3. Coach and Tami Taylor – Friday Night Lights played by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.
Their religion was not something they talked about all the time, but they went to church every Sunday and they always tried to instill their morals in their own children and the students they worked with every day.

4. Harriet Hayes – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip played by Sarah Paulson.
She was the only Christian on the cast for a SNL-like live sketch comedy show. One of my favorite Harriet lines is from the end of the second episode during a pre-show pep-talk: “We say this prayer in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, who had to have been funny to get so many people to listen to him.”

5. Mrs. Kim – Gilmore Girls played by Emily Kuroda.
As a Seventh Day Adventist, she was very strict with Lane, but it all came from a place of love and she gradually loosened up a little bit. She was actually raised Buddhist and hides her lifestyle from her own mother.

6. Shepherd Book – Firefly played by Ron Glass.
His background was a little mysterious, but he never stopped trying to make Captain Reynolds and the crew of Serenity into better people.

7. Meg Manning – Veronica Mars, played by Alona Tal.
The rest of her family might have been a little crazy, but Meg was a good person and the only 09er to stand by Veronica when she became an outcast.

8. Jamie Fraser – Outlander played by Sam Heughan.
Even though his marriage was not necessarily his choice, as a Catholic, it was important to Jamie that it be performed by a priest. He took the proceedings very seriously and pledged his name, his clan, his family, and the protection of his body to his new wife.


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