8 Basketball Players…

March Madness is upon us, and my Elite 8 is already screwed up because of Iowa State’s loss to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In honor of the NCAA Tournament, I compiled a list of my favorite TV basketball players. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and I am attempting to write this while simultaneously watching the games, so bear with me 🙂

1. Nathan Scott – One Tree Hill, played by James Lafferty
After playing for the Tree Hill Ravens in high school and the University of Maryland, Nathan was about to be drafted into the NBA when an accident paralyzed him from the waist down. He works his way back to walking and then playing basketball again and gets drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats. He eventually becomes a talent scout.

2. Mark Cooper – Hangin With Mr. Cooper, played by Mark Curry
Mark was a former NBA player for the Golden State Warriors that became a teacher and high school basketball coach at Oakbridge High.

3. Wallace Fennel – Veronica Mars, played by Percy Daggs III
Wallace was the star player for the Neptune High Pirates and went on to play for Hearst College. He then became a teacher and basketball coach at his high school alma mater.

4. Julie Connor – Hang Time, played by Daniella Deutscher
I honestly do not remember a whole lot about this show, except that she was the only girl on the boys Varsity team at Deering High School in Indiana.

5. Steve Urkel – Family Matters, played by Jaleel White
In one episdoe, Steve became the water boy for the team but constantly pestered the coach about letting him be on the team. After several players get injured, Urkel gets to play and ends up making the game-winning shot.

6. Winston Bishop – New Girl, played by Lamorne Morris
Before moving back in with the roommates, Winston was a point guard in the Latvian Basketball League for two years.

7. Will Smith – Fresh Prince of Bel Air, played by Will Smith
He spent most of his days on the playground in West Philadelphia before moving to Bel Air, where he and Carlton played on the high school team together at Bel Air Academy.

8. Murray Goldberg – The Goldbergs, played by Jeff Garlin
For a long time, Murray held his high school’s free throw record but, after the record is broken, he gets mocked when he goes back to be honored by the team.

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