8 Scenes in the Rain…

April showers bring May flowers and, while we have not yet gotten an April rain here in Texas, I thought it was appropriate to make my list of favorite scenes that take place during or just after rain storms.

1. Ross and Rachel’s First Kiss – Friends
While on a date, Rachel gets drunk and leaves a message on Ross’s answering machine telling him she’s over him. After he hears the message, Ross must choose between Rachel and his current girlfriend Julie.

2. Doug Becomes a Hero – ER
Doug is leaving County General for a private practice and after his last shift, his car breaks down in the rain. A young boy approaches his car and asks for Doug’s help saving his brother, who is trapped in a flooded storm drain.

3. Angel Turns Into Angelus – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
After narrowly escaping Spike, Drusilla and The Judge, Buffy and Angel return to Angel’s apartment, where they have sex for the first time. This moment of pure happiness causes Angel to loose his soul and turn back into Angelus.

4. President Bartlett Decides He’s Seeking a Second Term – The West Wing
The President is not dealing well with the death of Mrs. Landingham and he has also just announced to the world that he has multiple sclerosis. Now, everyone wants to know if he is running for office again.

5. Rory’s Graduation Party – Gilmore Girls
Rory is leaving Stars Hollow to write about Obama’s presidential campaign and the town throws her a surprise graduation/farewell party.

6. Coach Taylor Makes the Team Run Wind Sprints – Friday Night Lights
After a bad loss, the town starts to turn against Coach Taylor. When the players begins to turn on each other, he makes them run wind sprints in the rain until they get their act together. He also tells Tim that Jason’s accident was not his fault.

7. Nathan Proposes to Haley – One Tree Hill
Many of Nathan and Haley’s major moments throughout the series happen during rain storms, but this was the first. While standing outside, Nathan apologizes for keeping old photos of Peyton, they then go inside to dry off and he proposes.

8. Barry Allen Turns Into The Flash – Arrow/The Flash
The particle accelerator at Star Labs malfunctions, which releases radiation into the city and creates a thunderstorm. Barry is struck by lightning and, after spending nine months in a coma, wakes to discover he has the ability to move at incredible speeds. I listed this as both an Arrow and Flash episode because you see it first on Arrow (see below clip) and then again in the pilot for The Flash.

Did I miss your favorite scene? Share it with me below in the comments!

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