Quotes of the Week: April 19-25

These are my favorite quotes from the past week, not just from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching.

Jane the Virgin
Rogelio: I don’t like to use the term ‘triple threat,’ because this suggests that I am only limited to three skills, but the fact is, in addition to acting and dancing, I’m a rather phenomenal singer.

Narrator: Run, Petra! Run!

Rogelio: I just wanted to say that I am truly sorry for not making love to you in Tampa.
Amanda: Thank you for saying that.
Rogelio: You’re so very welcome

Liv: Slow your roll, silver-tongued devil.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Cal: Memory Lane isn’t always that fun to visit.

Diana: I need you to be on your game today, Liza, and then raise your game several levels to my game.

Strike Back
Sinclair: So, what’s my role? Apart from ‘sitting duck.’
Stonebridge: Grab the girl. She’ll make a perfect shield. No one’s gonna shoot you with her in the way.
Sinclair: Doesn’t sound very chivalrous, but I like it.

Martinez: What the hell’s he doing?
Scott: Somethin’ brave or somethin’ stupid. Can’t tell yet.

Diggle: League of Assassins. You’re feared for your bravery and power. But all I see are a bunch of weak men running from their lives. Trying to escape. That’s not powerful, Maseo, or brave. That’s cowardly.

Ra’s: There’s one immutable truth about life: it is often more cruel than it is fair.

Orphan Black
Alison: I could beat her Donnie. I could beat her like a French meringue.

Ramon: What makes you think you have the stones for this line of work?
Alison: Oh, we have the stones.
Donnie: Yeah. Don’t doubt our stones. We have ample stones.

Helena: I met your brother. He’s ugly.

Jenny: Do I have to do what I did when we were bairns? Grab you by the bollocks to make you stand still and listen to me?
Jamie: Do not try to shame me in front of my own wife!
Jenny: Well, if she’s your wife, I imagine she’s more familiar with your balls than I am. Don’t test me brother.

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