8 Sensates…

The newest Netflix show Sense8 is about eight uniquely different people from all around the world that start seeing and hearing things that they have not experienced themselves. They each have specific talents and often help each other out of their individual predicaments by being able to share senses within their group. It sounds super complicated, but is actually a really great show that you should be watching.

Inspired by this show, I decided to make a list of TV characters that would make a good group of Sensates. I admit that I am totally stealing this idea from Todd VanDerWerff and it was not as easy as I thought it would be. Trying to come up with a list of people that all have different skills which compliment each other was incredibly difficult. I also decided to leave out anyone who came by their gifts supernaturally, because that just opened an entirely different can of worms.

1. Cosima Niehaus – Orphan Black
She has Ph.D. in Experimental Evolutionary Developmental Biology, which basically means she likes to make crazy science, but she will also keep everyone mellow.

2. Mike Ross – Suits
He may not be a real lawyer, but he can pull it off because he has a photographic memory.

3. Melinda May a.k.a. “The Cavalry” – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
She is smart, resourceful, knows how to fly a plane and will kick your ass if you mess with her.

4. Rickie Vasquez – My So-Called Life
He is brave, compassionate and protective of his friends, but also has a flare for the dramatic.

5. Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie – Veronica Mars
She can hack into pretty much anything and can get her hands on high-tech gadgets.

6. Leroy Jethro Gibbs – NCIS
He was a Marine sniper and is currently an NCIS Special Agent. He has a strong sense of honor and lives by his own set of rules.

7. Jane Villanueva – Jane the Virgin
She has an active imagination, is a teacher and a writer, and she also has a really big heart.

8. Jackson “Jax” Teller – Sons of Anarchy
Though he may be a criminal, he is also a mechanic and someone who will protect his friends and family at any cost.

After putting this list together, I realized that the one trait they all possess is loyalty.

Who do *you* think would make a good group of Sensates? Who would you want in *your* group? Let me know in the comments!

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