8 Emmy Snubs…

There were a few happy surprises this morning (Tatiana Maslany!) but also a lot of disappointment. I know that there is just too much good television on right now, and it is not possible for every single person to be recognized, but here are just a few of the shows and actors that I wish had received nominations. It was difficult to find good videos for some of these performances, so there are a few links to TVLine’s Dream Emmy Nominations where they have embedded videos.

Fair warning: there are a few spoilers.

1. Shameless
This is one of the most underrated shows on television and last season was no exception. While William H. Macy was recognized for his performance as Frank Gallagher, Cameron Monaghan’s Ian was phenomenal this year as he slowly began to accept his bipolar diagnosis.

2. Outlander
The performances given by Sam Heughan, Caitroina Balfe and Tobias Menzes in the last two episodes of the first season were intense and profound. I am actually baffled that not a single one of them was nominated. If I could have included my favorite clip, it would have been the scene where Jamie says goodbye to Claire before she leaves him in Wentworth Prison with Black Jack. Instead, this clip is from the middle of the season when Jamie breaks down after having saved Claire.

3. Jane The Virgin
This was by far my favorite new show last year. It is moving and hilarious and filled with surprises. Gina Rodriguez and Jaime Camil in particular were revelations. Rodriguez won a Golden Globe for her role as Jane, so I was hoping she might get recognized again, but alas, I was wrong. Camil was more of a long-shot, but I was still disappointed. I was happily surprised to see Anthony Mendez get nominated for Best Narrator. I did not even know that was a category until this year. This is the clip where Jane calls Rogelio ‘Dad’ for the first time.

4. Justified
When this show started, I did not think that the characters of Ava and Boyd would be people that I cared so much about. Walton Goggins and Joelle Carter brought them to life in such a fantastic way that, no matter how horribly they behaved, you always rooted for them until the very end, even when they were at odds with each other. In this clip Ava tells Boyd that she has been informing to Raylan.

5. Parenthood
With such an incredible ensemble cast, you would think it would be hard to find one standout, but Mae Whitman managed to pull it off consistently each season. Amber’s unexpected pregnancy and the realistic way in which she handled it were incredibly moving.

6. The Americans
This is another criminally underrated show that more people should be watching. Philip and Elizabeth finally revealed to their daughter this season that they are Russian spies and had to do some actual parenting. Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell continue to deliver stellar performances, even while wearing some horrible wigs.

7. Masters of Sex
While I am a huge fan of Michael Sheen, it is really the women that bring this show to life for me. Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson and Caitlin Fitzgerald as Libby Masters are so fantastic individually, and even better playing off each other and the intricacies of their relationship.

8. Sons of Anarchy
Since it was the final season, I was really hoping that this would be the year that someone would be recognized. Charlie Hunnam’s performance as he sought vengeance for his wife’s brutal murder was inspiring. Watching him grow as an actor from season one through the final season was an absolute pleausure and I am just glad I got to witness it. I was also holding out hope for Walton Goggins’s guest role, Venus Van Dam, but was doubly disappointed. However, I was happy to see that Come Join The Murder by The White Buffalo & The Forest Rangers was nominated:

Here also is the clip of Jax learning from Juice what really happened to Tara.

As one of my friends so brilliantly put it, the snubs are going to happen and that is unavoidable, but there is also a lot of great talent that did get recognized and that should be celebrated. When it gets closer to the award show, I will post my favorites to win. Also, if you have not watched any of the above shows then I highly recommend you check them out!


  1. I have to be honest, Outlander’s lack of nominations really threw me off… I don’t get it.
    Shameless is a real shame, but they are never going to recognize the amount of talent that those people have.
    And Jane the Virgin?! What an outrage. They should both have been nominated.


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