8 Bars…

This has felt like one of the longest weeks ever, and it is still only Thursday. I just wish that I could grab a drink at one of these awesome bars. Okay, you should probably avoid most of these places, but visiting them would definitely make your life a little more interesting.

1. MacLaren’s Pub – How I Met Your Mother
Get hit on by Barney or have him introduce you to Ted, witness many a high-five, and maybe hang out with Nick Swisher (or get the chance to heckle him).

2. The Bent Elbow – Witches of East End
Party with the Beauchamp women, taste test one of Freya’s (hopefully harmless) magic potions, and maybe avoid the painting in the bathroom.

3. The Alibi Room – Shameless
Get drunk with Frank Gallagher and listen to his next crazy idea first-hand, play some pool, or go upstairs to spend time with a Russian prostitute.

4. Boyd’s Bar – Justified
Unless you just cannot find any bourbon elsewhere, the only other reason to be in this bar would be to join Boyd’s crew. Either way, just make sure you are well-armed.

5. Regatta Bar – Ally McBeal
Sing some karaoke, maybe get lucky and be there on a night when Barry White or Sting is singing, and keep an eye out for that dancing baby.

6. The Bronze – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Your chances of getting killed by a vampire are very high if you hang out here, but it is the only place in town to see Dingoes Ate My Baby.

7. Paddy’s Pub – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Pick up some kitten mittens, play some beer pong, catch a performance of DayMan, and maybe bring some hand sanitizer and your own toilet paper with you.

8. Cheers – Cheers
Hang out with former baseball legend Sam Malone, have Carla insult you, and get a history lesson from Cliff. Everybody here already knows your name!

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