Quotes of the Week: December 6-20

These are my favorite quotes from the past two weeks, not just from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching.

The Leftovers
Man at Bar: You pushed a little a girl into a well. You don’t want to sing?

John: I killed you.
Kevin: Nope.

Ryan: A soldier isn’t a criminal just because you don’t believe in their war.

James: No hero can save everyone. Not even Superman. But a real hero never stops trying.

Ed: Are you seein’ this?
Peggy: It’s just a flyin’ saucer, Ed. We gotta go.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Coulson: I’ll be damned. Tatooine.

You’re the Worst
Gretchen: After I cleaned the fries off your face and put you to bed, you said something to me that was pretty dark.
Jimmy: Don’t tell me.
Gretchen: Okay. I won’t… I love you too.

The Vampire Diaries
Stefan: You are my back-up. You’re just terrible at it!

Lionel: The real test of a hero is knowing when the greater good will be served by an evil act.

The Man In The High Castle
Robert: Beauty is important. It gives us hope.

Shelby: For so long, I’ve been trying to realize why I’ve never told you that I love you. Because I do. Caleb, I love you so much. But I know that you’ll hurt me again and again, regardless of whether it’s right to, because you are willing to blow things up just to get people to see your truth, instead of helping them find it for themselves.

Cat: If I wanted to have sex with a beach boy, I’d still be sleeping with John Stamos.

Jane the Virgin
Narrator: Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Because I’m thinking, I hope they tell us what they’re thinking, because I have no idea.

Ed: You’re always tryin’ to fix everything, but sometimes nothin’s broken.

Quinn: I love you. Yours, for always now.

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