8 Characters to the Rescue…

Author Brenda Hiatt, posted this question on Facebook: “You’ve been kidnapped. You can call on the characters from one television show to make a rescue attempt. Which show do you pick?” My pick would be Strike Back. Then I started thinking about which individual characters from different shows I would want to come save me. So, here is that list.

1. Veronica Mars – Veronica Mars
She is a private detective that no one ever suspects is actually a private detective. She always has her taser with her and she will not stop until she has the problem figured out. She will even work with people she does not like in order to get the answers she is looking for.

2. Sgt. Michael Stonebridge – Strike Back
It was hard to choose between Strike Back’s Michael and Damien but, ultimately, I think Michael is the more level-headed one…plus, he has a sexy British accent. He is also a Royal Marine who works for an elite special operations unit and always has that sharp military focus.

3. The Doctor – Doctor Who
If you are kidnapped by aliens, you would definitely want his help. How else is the team going to get to the ship or planet where you are being held? I also always thought Veronica would make a good companion for him.

4. Brian Finch – Limitless
On NZT, he is basically the smartest person on the planet. He will be able to see clues that other people miss. He might clash with the Doctor a bit, but I think that they would ultimately be interested in working with each other.

5. Jane – Blindspot
She may not remember who she is, but she speaks multiple languages, which she could quickly teach to Brian, and is a Special Ops Navy SEAL. Because of their shared military training, she would also work well with Stonebridge during the actual rescue mission.

6. Abby Sciuto – NCIS
She is an awesome forensic scientist and could figure out who you kidnappers are by testing any DNA or fibers that have been left behind. She is also extremely compassionate, so she will do anything to help someone in need.

7. Neil Caffrey – White Collar
He is a former (and sometimes not-so-former) white collar criminal, skills which might come in handy if the kidnappers are trying to trade your for some valuable object. He also might actually know the kidnapper personally, or at least be able to pretend he is still a criminal to get on the inside.

8. Liv Moore – iZombie
She could eat someone’s brain and see clues to where or why you are being held captive, and she would probably go into full-zombie mode to help Jane and Stonebridge kick some kidnapper ass.

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