Quotes of the Week: January 31-February 6

These are my favorite quotes from the past week, not just from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching.

Galavant: I didn’t tell you to die in a brown fart. The truth is, all I’ve wanted is to come back to you. You’re the love of my life. And if we survive this, I want to marry you. And I want to live by the sea…
Isabella: You had me at “brown fart.”

Richard: What? I’m singing a duet with my inner child.

Sean: I’m a naturally helpful person.
Fiona: Must be tiring.
Sean: It is *utterly* exhausting.

Downton Abbey
Violet: When we unleash the dogs of war, we must go where they take us!

Isabelle: You will stop at nothing to get your own way. Isn’t that the truth?
Violet: Indeed. It is a quality I share with Marlborough, Wellington, and my late mother. I was trained in a hard school, and I *fight* accordingly.

Kara: Except for the fact that she talks like Cookie Monster, she is exactly like me.

Jane the Virgin
Lina: Look natural. Sexy natural.

The Magicians
Quentin: I don’t know what happened.
Eliot: You found out who you are. She found out who she’s not. Life.

The Flash
Cisco: Who’s the best hacker in the world, people?
Barry and Caitlin: Felicity Smoak.
Cisco: What is wrong with you two? That’s not friendship.

New Girl
Schmidt: We’ve always done everything together. I’m just worried that we’re gonna drift apart. You know, I’m gonna get married and have kids, and you’re gonna be wandering around the grocery store holding a bottle of scotch and an ear of corn.

Nick: If I can’t have a kid with a woman, maybe I’ll have one with my cousin.

Liv: A good man admires his wife’s beauty. He doesn’t slut shame her.

Liv: Have you guys ever wrestled? Stripped down. Oiled up. Seen who winds up on top?
Major: Have we?
Ravi: Strangely enough, no.

Liv: I roofied you with horny librarian brain.

Agent Carter
Peggy: We…caught a possum..on this property..earlier…this morning. Vicious little creature.
Rufus: Let me out of here!
Peggy: Or I have a man..stashed in the boot.

Roy: He calls himself ‘The Calculator.’
Felicity: This is what happens when the bad guys name themselves.

Malcolm: Sometimes, the greatest act of love is no action at all.

Legends of Tomorrow
Rip: One person acting alone can’t save the world.

Ray: I guess we’re headed to the ’80s. Time to break out your parachute pants.
Jackson: What the hell are parachute pants?

Clark: It may be easier to hate, but it’s stronger to love.

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