Quotes of the Week: February 21-27

These are my favorite quotes from the past week, not just from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching.

Downton Abbey
Anna: Why are you smiling?
Bates: Show me a man that doesn’t smile when his wife admits she’s wrong.

Mrs. Hughes: You’re such an old curmudgeon.
Mr. Carson: Don’t say you’re going off me.
Mrs. Hughes: No. Because you’re *my* curmudgeon, and that makes all the difference.

Violet: I believe in rules, and traditions, and playing our part, but there is something else.
Lady Mary: And what is that, pray?
Violet: I believe in love. I mean, brilliant careers, rich lives are seldom led without just an element of love.

James: When I’m getting a lesson in ethics and morality from Cat Grant, I *know* we’ve gone off the deep end.

Maxwell: So nothing for my largesse, then?
Kara: I was told you asked for, and received, Netflix.
Maxwell: If you thought I was dangerous before, you have no idea how dangerous I get when I’m bored.
Kara: I recommend Call the Midwife.

Kara: Ooh, I’ve wanted to catch a corrupt cop ever since we binge watched The Wire.

Professor Luzano: As the humans would say, we are up a creek without a poodle.

Kara: You make me a better hero.

Jane the Virgin
Petra: I think I got the wrong stroller. This pram won’t fold! …or respond to kicking!

Rogelio: Now get over here, Susan B. Anthony, and give me a kiss!

Alba: I won’t judge you… God might, but that’s between you and him.

Lost Girl
Trick: Sometimes the heart does what it likes, despite what the rules say.

Roman: Every time I visit this house, you seem to be knee-deep in blood.

The Flash
Cisco: We’re gonna need a bigger Flash.

Lyla: He’s fast, John. Get over it.
Diggle: Never.

Agent Carter
Dr. Samberly: Chief, what do we do?
Thompson and Sousa: Do what Peggy says!!

Thompson: Do you trust me?
Sousa: Not at all.
Thompson: Good enough.

Peggy: You have begged me to bring you on my adventures since I arrived in Los Angeles, and that’s what they are to you – larks, an enjoyable way to spend the evening. And then you go home to another man’s mansion, listening to your radio shows, blissful in your self-imposed ignorance. And when there is a consequence – a horrid, ugly consequence – you blame me for the choices that you have made. Yes, Mr. Jarvis, there is a cost. One that I have paid for 100 times over. Your-your wife will survive. You can go on in your life knowing nothing of loss. Lucky you.

New Girl
Cece: It’s so beautiful. I feel like I’m inside Cate Blanchett.

Schmidt: Well, you know, everyone dies. Maybe he’ll die.

The Shannara Chronicles
Eretria: So, is this what it feels like when you use your elfstones?
Will: What do you mean?
Eretria: I feel invincible
Will: I usually feel like I’ve been set on fire and beaten with a shovel so, no.

Ragnar: You saw yourself as weak and conflicted but, to me, you were fearless because you dared to question.

Felicity: Maybe it would be easier to list the people that *don’t* know about your son.

Thug: Face us like a man!
Vixen: I’ve got a better idea. How ’bout I kick your ass like a woman instead.

Darhk: I win. You lose. Rinse. Repeat.

The 100
Pike: My job is to keep us safe. Not to be liked.
Kane: Then keep up the good work!

Emerson: You can kill me Clarke. You can never escape what you did. My pain ends today! Yours has just begun!

The Vampire Diaries
Klaus: It’s not a crime to love what you cannot explain.

Sleepy Hollow
Sophie: Can I ask you guys, are they all this ugly?
Icabod: Uh, actually, usually they’re worse. This one’s not too bad.

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