Quotes of the Week: End of Summer

These are my favorite quotes from the end of the summer. Like with everything else, I got a bit distracted and lost track of this list, so here are just a few fun things from the last few months and from the first week of Fall TV.

Quinn: Loose lips get water-boarded and their bodies get dumped in the desert.

Allison: This is a change. And we both know you don’t handle change well.
Mitch: No, and in some tautological Rubik’s cube of logic, I wish that I could change my aversion to change, but that, in and of itself, would require…change.

Democratic National Convention
Hillary Clinton: When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit.

The Great British Baking Show
Sue: Don’t let a fondant tennis court be the end of you.

Cassidy: The last time I checked, this kinda questioning is illegal.
Sheriff Root: Not in Texas.

Harvey: You messed with the wrong goddamn Marine
Larry: What the hell are you talking about?
Louis: Yeah, what are you talking about?
Stu: He’s quoting A Few Good Men.
Harvey: Finally, somebody gets me!
Stu: I got your back, bro.
Harvey: Don’t bro me, dude.
Stu: You got it, chief.
Louis: Hey, can I get in on this?
Harvey and Stu : No!

Queen of the South
Camila: Why is it that he’s allowed to be a husband and a father and a business man, and I am not?

This Is Us
Kate: You’re the only good thing in my life, Kev.
Kevin: I’m not that great. C’mon.
Kate: I know. That what makes it worse.

Dr. Katowsky: Go see your babies. They’re excited to meet their father. I think maybe they got a good one.

Dr. Borden: It seems both of you are feeling rather alone at the moment, and sometimes, the best we can do is to try to feel alone together.

Kurt: I don’t hate you, Jane. I just don’t know who you are anymore.
Jane: Yeah, well, that makes two of us.

Tasha: Sorry I shot you.
Jane: I did ask for it.
Tasha: Yeah, you kinda did.

Ginny: We did it, Pop.
Bill: We ain’t done nothin’ yet.

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