Throwback Thursday: Chuck

This was originally on my first blog site Aye, Tortuga!, but I felt that it was appropriate to re-post since all five seasons of Chuck are being taken off of Netflix on November 1st. I updated a few sections with more recent information otherwise, these were my first thoughts about the series. Viva BuyMoria!

A few years ago, I decided that it was finally time to start watching Chuck. I have now watched all five seasons and would consider myself officially part of the Nerd Herd.

I am not really sure why I never watched the show when it aired starting in 2007. I do know that I did not yet have DVR, so I was probably watching How I Met Your Mother instead. I actually do not really remember thinking about it much when it was on. I loved Adam Baldwin in Firefly and Sarah Lancaster in What About Brian, and probably recognized Zachary Levi, but none of them were enough to interest me in the show. This was also about the time that I was not watching Friday Night Lights either so, clearly, I was not thinking straight.

To be honest, the reason I did start watching Chuck was because of Orphan Black. I know that sounds weird, so let me explain. I watched all of Orphan Black after ATX Television Festival Season Two and was instantly obsessed. Shortly after watching the whole first season, the cast went to San Diego Comic Con, at which they did a panel for Zachary Levi’s Nerd Machine. Once I discovered the Orphan Black panel online, I then watched many of the other Nerd Machine panels throughout the weekend that were streaming on YouTube, including one with Levi himself, and soon came to the conclusion that I should at least give Chuck a try.

The only way that I could watch it initially was to get the discs from Netflix, so the first two seasons took me quite a while to get through. (And when I say, “quite a while,” I mean about two months.) I was just starting to lose steam and then, as if they knew exactly what I was thinking, Netflix made the whole series available to stream the following week and I flew threw the last three seasons.

I enjoyed the characters from the start, but I did not really get hooked on the storyline until the end of season two. In seasons one and two, Chuck was a little too whiny and never seemed to learn how to not get in the way when Casey and Sarah were on a mission. He was much more interesting and the plots were more focused once he became a real part of the team in season three. You also have to get past the fact that, despite this being a show about spies, it is completely unrealistic. It is, however, a lot of fun.

From watching the series, I have become a big fan of Zachary Levi as an actor. I find him highly entertaining, and he has great chemistry with the entire cast. After getting into the show, I also discovered an article where he talks about his faith and, while I will not go into detail (you can click the link and read it yourself), I respect and agree with most of what he had to say. It made me like him more as a person and as an actor that I want to see succeed. He recently starred in She Loves Me on Broadway, will be in the new Netflix show Alias Grace, and again voice Flynn Rider in Tangled: The Series.

After Levi, Chuck’s best friend Morgan, played by Joshua Gomez, is my favorite character. Morgan happens to be the name of my grandfather, father and niece, so I may have been a little biased from the beginning, but the friendship between Chuck and Morgan is so great. The two of them always make me laugh. With their banter and chemistry, it feels like they have really been friends since childhood and would do absolutely anything for the other.

The rest of the cast was incredible as well. As I said, I loved Adam Baldwin on Firefly, but also knew him from Angel and Independence Day. He gave NSA Agent John Casey a lot of heart, and an impressive High C, despite the character’s tendency toward anger. Yvonne Strahovski, on the other hand, is someone that I had never heard of before this show, but I am now a fan. CIA Agent Sarah Walker is a total badass, and it was always fun to see her be the dominant person in most tense situations. Casey and Walker are Chuck’s handlers and both have interesting pasts, which are developed well over the course of the series. Chuck’s sister Ellie and her boyfriend Devon, a.k.a. Awesome, are played by Sarah Lancaster and Ryan McPartlin. I really enjoyed this relationship because even though their lives look perfect from the outside, they still have real issues that they deal with and work through as a couple. Ellie and Awesome keep the show grounded in family. Supporting characters played by Mark Christopher Lawrence (Big Mike), Bonita Friedericy (General Beckman), Vik Sahay (Lester), and Scott Krinsky (Jeff), are equally amazing, and add to the shows quirkiness.

The show also included some fantastic guest stars including, but definitely not limited to: Matt Bomer, Tony Hale, Brandon Routh, Linda Hamilton, Scott Bakula, Timothy Dalton, Lauren Cohan, Carrie-Anne Moss, Kristin Kreuk, Jordana Brewster, Morgan Fairchild, Robin Givens, Ray Wise, Chevy Chase, Rachel Bilson, Gary Cole, Nicole Richie, Isaiah Mustafa, Stacy Keibler, Mark Sheppard, John Larroquette, Steve Austin, Mark Pellegrino, Rick Hoffman, Ivana Milicevic, Vinnie Jones, Robert Patrick, Fred Willard, Craig Kilborn, David Koechner, Cheryl Ladd, Michael Clarke Duncan, Michael Strahan, Tricia Helfer, Dominic Monaghan, Andy Richter, Rob Riggle, Eric Roberts, Mark Hamill, Ben Savage, Diedrich Bader, Olivia Munn, Mircea Monroe, Ana Gasteyer, Angie Harmon, Bronson Pinchot, Tim DeKay, Rebecca Romijn, Bo Derek, Melinda Clarke, Brooklyn Decker, Lou Ferrigno, Stan Lee, Danny Pudi, Jenny McCarthy, Summer Glau, Harry Dean Stanton, Dolph Lundgren, Christopher Lloyd and Yvette Nicole Brown.

I am not really sure how I feel about the series finale. It definitely made me really sad, even though the final scene ended on a positive note. I just feel like the episode was very bittersweet, and I prefer less ambiguity in my series finales. There was talk about doing a Chuck movie at some point in the future and I would be excited to see that, if only to see where everyone ended up. That being said, I really enjoyed this show as a whole and I definitely recommend everyone check it out immediately.

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