Quotes of the Week: November 20-December 3

These are my favorite quotes from the past two weeks, mostly from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching. I thought that, with the holiday, I would not have as many. Clearly, I was wrong.

Kara: If I leave you here, Alex will never forgive me.
Jeremiah: Kara, if you die here, there will be no one to forgive.

Kara: You can still be scared while being brave.

Jane the Virgin
Jane: I’m gonna hug you, okay? Just stand still.

Hayes: Noble intentions don’t make it okay to withhold information or obscure the truth.

Rufus: What’s the point of having a time machine if you can’t fix your regrets?

Lucy: So what are our options? We stay here and fight off the French or die of smallpox eventually?
Rufus: Pretty much.
Wyatt: Likely death either way.
Rufus: Yeah.
Wyatt: What the hell? I’m in.
Lucy: Me too.
Rufus: Tough call for me. I was really hoping to be sold into slavery.

The Flash
Caitlin: Some things you break can’t be put back together.

H.R.: Barry’s real super power isn’t speed, it’s hope.

Barry: I told you I couldn’t do this without you.
Iris: And you’ll never have to.

Joe: Every time I think you’ve run out of ways to show me you’re a hero, you show me another one.

New Girl
Nick: Look at that, Mom, I’m gonna be a hero.
Schmidt: Why are you looking up? Your mother is still alive.
Nick: I’m looking at Chicago.
Schmidt: You think Chicago is up?
Nick: It’s North.

Schmidt: I know who you are and I still love you.

This Is Us
Olivia: How does it feel to be dying?
William: It feels… like all these beautiful pieces of life are flying around me and… I’m trying to catch them. When my granddaughter falls asleep in my lap, I try to catch the feeling of her breathing against me. And when I make my son laugh, I try to catch the sound of him laughing. How it rolls up from his chest. But the pieces are moving faster now, and I can’t catch them all. I can feel them slipping through my fingertips. And soon, where there used to be my granddaughter breathing and my son laughing, there will be… nothing.
Olivia: Oh.
William: I know it feels like you have all the time in the world. But you don’t. So, stop playing it so cool. Catch the moments of your life. Catch them while you’re young and quick. Because sooner than you know it, you’ll be old and slow. And there’ll be no more of them to catch. And when a nice boy who adores you offers you pie, say thank you.

No Tomorrow
Kareema: I can’t believe you’re doing work that isn’t actual work just to try to get a job and have more work.

Mary Anne: I couldn’t decide if I should drink or take a bath, so I’m kinda doin’ both.

Eliza: Why would your being gay ever let me down? You were always going to be different because you were always exceptional.

Lucifer: I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me Dad.

Hayes: We’re all bad guys in someone’s story.

Lucy: By the way, my name is not Doll, or Sweetheart, or anything else that sounds like a baby. The women here have actual names. I’m sure you can learn their names. It’s not that hard, kinda like making coffee for yourself. You’re a rocket scientist. Figure it out.

The West Wing
Leo: This guy’s walking down the street when he falls in a hole. The walls are so steep he can’t get out. A doctor passes by and the guy shouts up, “Hey you, can you help me out?” The doctor writes a prescription, throws it down in the hole and moves on. Then a priest comes along and the guy shouts up, “Father, I’m down in this hole can you help me out?” The priest writes out a prayer, throws it down in the hole and moves on. Then a friend walks by, “Hey, Joe, it’s me, can you help me out?” And the friend jumps in the hole. Our guys says, “Are you stupid? Now we’re both down here!” The friend says, “Yeah, but I’ve been down here before and I know the way out.” As long as I got a job you got a job, you understand?

The Flash
Felicity: Best. Team Up. Ever!

Iris: Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow?
Barry: Yeah.
Iris: Oh my god, he just got so much hotter.

New Girl
Nick: The internet is so different now. Have you been on the internet lately? I remember when the internet used to just be a naked lady and a bunch of dancing hamsters.

This Is Us
Kate: You can’t be so mad at Mom if you’re fixing stuff for her.
Randall: It’s not for Mom. I’m doing it for Dad.

No Tomorrow
Hank: It’s well-documented that rats are the government’s top test subjects for telepathy.

Timothy: What is the most painful part of this protest for you?
Peggy: The singing. It’s just not very good. My church choir, they can sing. They should go on strike.

Drunk History
Thomas Jefferson: I trust you about as far as I can throw you, and I can’t throw things very far. I have slaves who do that for me.

Legends of Tomorrow
Nate: Maybe they’re right. Maybe we do more harm than good, but this is our chance to find out.

Kara: Meta-human or not, super powers or not, you are Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Ginny: Those who can’t hit…you know…pitch.

The Vampire Diaries
Alaric: You’re right. The less I know, the better. But I’ll tell you, I could give a damn about your plans, because they’re never gonna happen. I’m gonna find you and I’m gonna kill you. No discussions, no last-minute pleas for my sympathy. You have been in my home with me. And somehow, in all your scheming, you’ve missed just how far I’m willing to go to protect my children. I’m not coming for you. I’m coming for them. But the longer you run, the more I’m gonna hurt you.

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