8 Musical Moments…

I am very excited for the upcoming Supergirl/The Flash musical crossover, and am especially hoping for a Jeremy Jordan/Jesse L. Martin duet of some kind. In preparation for this episode, I started thinking about some of my other favorite musical television moments.

1. Smash – Don’t Forget Me
There were a lot of great performances in this series, but this one still gives me chills. While I do feel that ultimately Ivy made the better Marilyn, I was rooting for Karen when this finale episode aired and this performance, in particular, really moved me.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Going Through the Motions??
This is not necessarily my favorite number from this episode, but it is the one that set the tone. A musical demon is making everyone sing their feelings, and sometimes those feelings are things people have been keeping hidden from everyone else. Since Buffy was brought back from the dead, she has been ‘going through the motions’ and she’s finally admitting it out loud.

3. One Tree Hill – Brooklyn
This was really the first show that made music into one of its characters instead of just something to set the mood in certain scenes. Grubbs only stuck around for one season as the bartender at Tric, and was played by Wakey Wakey’s Mike Grubbs. For some reason, his acoustic performance of Brooklyn has always stuck with me. I could not find a clip of the actual scene, but here is another performance of this great song.

4. Eli Stone – Faith
Eli is a San Francisco lawyer and he begins to have visions that encourage him to choose more virtuous cases. In this first episode, he believes that God is speaking to him through George Michael. It was a brilliant, but short-lived, series.

5. My So-Called Life – Red
I remember moments from high school, and even college, where the boy I had a crush on did something that I interpreted as flirty and it turned out he did not mean it that way at all. So, this song and this episode spoke to me, maybe not as much at the time of viewing, but definitely in retrospect.

6. Bunheads – You, Sailor
I could have chosen any one of the beautiful performances from this canceled-too-soon show. The dances often expressed the emotions of the girls and, in this case, Sasha was sad about her parents divorce, and the prospect of having to move away. Julia Goldani Telles breaks my heart with every movement.

7. Friends – Farm Animals
Again, there are lots of Phoebe songs to choose from, but my favorite one is her song about farm animals. It is probably the one I randomly sing to myself most often. I am not sure why that is, or what it says about me (future Buzzfeed quiz?), but you think it’s going in one direction and then ends up in a much darker, hilarious place.

8. Glee – Don’t Stop Believing
I may have not watched this show all the way through to the end, but this is the song that got me into it in the first place. It was just about a group of kids who were all different, but came together because they loved to sing.

I actually ended up with quite a few more than eight moments, so I will probably create a second list eventually. What are some of your favorite musical TV moments? Share them with me in the comments or on Twitter!

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