Quotes of the Week: March 5-18

I was out of town last weekend, so these are my favorite quotes from the past two weeks, mostly from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching.

Mercy Street
Major McBurney: See that he sees to it.
Dr. Hale: And I’ll see that she sees to seeing to that …sir.

Mary: A better world is coming.

Black Sails
Max: How could we all have sacrificed so much and none of us has anything to show for it?

Big Little Lies
Madeline:She wouldn’t leave if she knew I had cancer.
Ed: Well, you don’t have cancer.
Madeline: But, I’d be willing to get it.

Time After Time
Wells: The man who raises his fists first is the man out of ideas.

Kara: Supergirl is what I can do. Kara is who I am.

Mrs. Bloom: I know what happened, dear. I’m from the future.

The Flash
H.R.: I found my place. It’s standing here, with these people, against you.

Barry: Fear makes us do a lot of things that we shouldn’t.

This Is Us
Randall: You got white doves?
Beth: They don’t make black ones, Randall.

The Americans
Claudia: Nothing scares those two.
Gabriel: Everything scares those two.

Syd: Who teaches us to be normal when we’re one of a kind?

The Vampire Diaries
Stefan: Let me do this for you.
Damon: No.
Stefan: Then let me do this for me. Please.

Stefan: It’s good to see you, Elena.

Black Sails
The Maroon Queen: No one has ever been this close, this near a chance to change the world.
Julius: No one changes the world. Not like this. Not all at once. The world is too strong for that.

Sherlock: I told you before you left you’d always be my friend.
Kitty: See, that’s the thing, isn’t it? We’re not friends; we never were. We’re family.

The Flash
H.R.: He’s not a god. He’s just a man, baby!

Aubrey: That is a pretty gnarly scar you got there.
Dwane: Bald eagle tried to rip my eyes out during a car commercial. Turns out they don’t like wearing top hats.

This Is Us
Jack: I’m gonna take the life that I was supposed to have instead of waiting for it to come and find me.

Lethal Weapon
Ronnie: Life moves in one direction, Martin. You should move with it.

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