Quotes of the Week: April 30-May 13

These are my favorite quotes from the past two weeks, mostly from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching.

The White Princess
Henry: I will have faith in God, and God alone. Mortal men must earn it.

American Gods
Laura: Waiting for the sky to fall is gonna cause more bother than the sky actually falling.

Jane the Virgin
Alba: You always feel better when you’re brave.

Major: There’s one silver lining to forgetting everything.
Liv: What?
Major: You’ll knock me off my feet all over again.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Mac: They did *not* just go and use the Bible against me.

Oliver: It’s not about trusting you. I’ll always trust you. I don’t trust myself.

Capheus: Many terrible things happen every day. They have happened to me, to my family. It’s why courage is so important. It takes courage to see such terrible things happen and still get up every day, and be able to see what is still beautiful. It takes courage to remember that this is a world where our dreams, like our grandmothers’, do come true.

Doctor Who
Doctor: You’re being cheerful. I’m against cheerful.

American Gods
Mr. Nancy: Angry is good. Angry gets shit done.

Joan: You know, you make him sound like a lost cause. Some people might’ve said you were a lost cause once.
Sherlock: Well, I may still be. One of the reasons I work so hard not to lose myself is ’cause I fear I would also lose you.

Selina: You know what I don’t need is examples.

J‘onn You want to find out what kind of hero you can be? Right here is a great place to start.

Jane the Virgin
Narrator: I’m a Miranda. I know, most people are surprised.

Petra: I’m sure Jane said nice things, but I’m still rattled, so I can’t pretend to be touched right now.

The Flash
Savitar: That’s the thing about time-travel, Barry. The more you do it, the less the rules apply to you.

Iris: For every bad memory, there is a good one that will get you through it.

Director Pellington: Her plan is flawed. It relies on us being stupid and cowardly, and we are not those things. We are the FBI.

Brockmire: Joe Buck, it’s nothing personal, alright? I just happen to hate your stupid face.

Saturday Night Live
Colin: India, where they treat monkeys better than America treats women.

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