Quotes of the Week: May 28-June 6

Since the ATX Television Festival is starting tomorrow, my schedule is a little wonky this week. So, here are my favorite quotes from the past week and a half, mostly from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching.

The White Princess
Duchess of Burgundy: We are none of us fearless, ma fleur tremblante. But we are women and we do what we must do.

Lady Margaret: Men are weak. Swayed by beauty. Women must be stronger.

Trixie: You don’t have to speak in code. I can handle adult stuff.

Downward Dog
Nan: Is it a bad sign if I like my dog less because he’s into Kevin?

Clive: How do you like old Earl now, ya damn dirty lich?

Blaine: That’s from an impotent proctologist, by the way. Enjoy!

Sy: The world… the world is wrong.
Esther: What are you sayin’, huh?
Sy: It looks like my world, but everything’s different.

Doctor Who
Missy: Your version of good is not absolute.

The White Princess
Elizabeth: The king’s divinity is a tale men tell themselves but the right is taken. It is taken by force, and held by force.

Henry: I have loved you, Lizzie. How I have loved you. I didn’t know that I could love. You have been the grace of my life, but I never deserved you.

The Leftovers
Matt: Of course she’s ready. She’s the bravest girl on Earth.

I’m Dying Up Here
Mr. Appuzzo: My son is dead. He was a child. He was always a child. You are children. You think you can joke your way out of everything. Pain, heartache, life! Go ahead! Then what? It’s all still there waitin’ for you, waitin’ to be dealt with. You’re children with your eyes closed, thinking nobody can see you. I see you. I see right through all of you.

Goldie: I have no idea what your female perspective is.
Cassie: There is no one female perspective, just like there is no one guy perspective.
Goldie: We’re not them, honey.

Peyton: Who are you talking to?
Liv: Drake.
Peyton: Uh, Drake? Old boyfriend, Drake?
Liv: No, Drake the multi-platinum hip hop star.

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