Quotes of the Week: July 9-22

These are my favorite quotes from the past two weeks, mostly from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching.

Sidney: This is the life we are here for. We owe it to ourselves to live it.

Jesse: This woman last night, she told me about some secret organization with designs on world domination. You know about that?
Cassidy: Yeah. Sure. Which one? Is it Z.O.G.? Rosicrucians, Reptilians? Secret society of alien lizards. They impersonate celebrities in an attempt to take over the planet through popular culture. Is that it?
Jesse: …No.

Alice: You’re a man. Don’t talk to me about not being free.

Marlowe: Greatness comes at a cost. Yours is to endure your guilt.

Animal Kingdom
Smurf: Everything’s fine. Bring your gun.

The Bold Type
Kat: Open a bottle of gin. Chase it with nothing. Start typing.

Sutton: I can’t have my hand up there an hour before I’m supposed to shake it with the entire ad sales team.

Harvey: You know I have more than one trick, right?
Mike: No, I kow you think you do, but just because you put on a different costume doesn’t make it a different trick.
Harvey: Yeah, I liked you better when you were drunk.
Mike: I liked you better when I was drunk too.

Queen of the South
El Santo: I will not be infected by your faithless deals!
Teresa: And yet, here we are.

Guero: I’m not saying I’m not gonna kill you. I just…I’m not gonna kill you right now.

Banyan: I thought you were just the funny one.
Johnny: I multitask.

D’avin: I know I should feel worse about punching an old blind dude, but I don’t, and I’m cool with that.

Playing House
Maggie: I want to shove my mouth full of meat, and then I wanna hit the dance floor!

Bob the Drag Queen: We’re all born naked, and the rest is drag!

Turn: Washington’s Spies
Anna: I don’t just have a job to do. I have a job to pretend to do.

Orphan Black
Krystal: She’s been poisoned…by big cosmetics. What about that is confusing?

Game of Thrones
Arya: Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.

Sansa: No need to seize the last word, Lord Baelish. I’ll assume it was something clever.

Leonard: I’m an abomination
Sidney: No.
Leonard: In the eyes of the Lord, I’m an abomination.
Sidney: You’re His child. He loves you.
Leonard: I don’t see how He could.
Sidney: You’re a wonderful man, Leonard. I wish you could see it.

Jesse: I’m so bad for you.
Tulip: We’re bad for each other.

The Bold Type
Kat: You need to get laid. Sorry… but she does.
Woman on Elevator: As long as she doesn’t do it in here.

Kelsey: Young women still read books. Young men think they know everything already.

Queen of the South
Kelly Anne: We all kinda gave up on our lives for the fairy tale, but the thing is, the fairy tale is bullshit.

Pree: They say, ‘make love, not war.’ I say, ‘why choose?’

Wynonna Earp
Wynonna: Usually she’s a fun bitch, not a bitch bitch. Which is like, whoa bitch… It’s a bitch thing.

Jeremy: Ghost. Yeah, we are being attacked by a ghost. Who ya gonna call? No one. There’s no one to call.

Wynonna: Here’s to single motherhood.
Waverly: You’re a superhero.
Wynonna: Same damn thing.

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