Quotes of the Week: August 6-19

These are my favorite quotes from the past two weeks, mostly from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching.

Game of Thrones
Missandei: She’s not our queen because she’s the daughter of some king we never knew. She’s the queen we chose.

The Bold Type
Kat: Why do these middle-aged men get to tell us how to manage our breast health?

Jacqueline: Fear causes bad behavior.

Zeph: I Zephed all over his Jaqobi. I Zephed on it hard.

Wynonna Earp
Mercedes: Where is the seal?
Nedley: Have you tried up your own ass?

Turn: Washington’s Spies
Robert: The only thing I regret is having to be prodded into doing something that my conscience should have dictated.

General Washington: Our country owes its life to heroes whose names it will never know.

Orphan Black
Westmorland: Lucky shot, for a mutation.
Sarah: Yeah. I survived you. We survived you, me and my sisters together. This is evolution!

Sarah: Freedom looks different to everyone.

Helena: My story is an embroidery, with many beginnings and no end.

Game of Thrones
Jaime: Today might be the day I kill you by accident.

Jon: We’re all on the same side.
Tormund: How can we be?
Jon: We’re all breathing.

The Bold Type
Sutton: I brought dessert …it’s pot!

Jane: So, twenty years, huh? Not that anyone’s counting.
Jacqueline: Oh, trust me, everyone is counting.
Jane: How do you do it?
Ian: That…is simple. She’s smarter than I am and I know it, and I accept it.
Jacqueline: And he is kinder than I am and I know that, and I accept that. And we got lucky, and we met at the right time, and you’re very handsome.

Hardy: He is not what men are. He’s an aberration.

Reverend Coates: All any of us really want are love and good deeds.

Queen of the South
Teresa: If she sends someone after me, promise it won’t be you.

Weekend Update
Tina Fey: Sheetcaking is a grassroots movement, Colin. Most of the women I know have been doing it once a week since the election.

The Defenders
Alexandra: It’s just a city. You’ll get used to watching them fall.

Danny: Bulletproof. Blind Ninja. Whatever it is you are.
Jessica: Classy.

Borna: It’d take big brains and…bigger balls to rob these bastards and live.
Johnny: Thank you. Compliment accepted.

Dutch: They’ve got my right hand guy, too.
Johnny: Hey, I’m right here.
Dutch: You’re my left, John
Johnny: That’s the handsome one, right?
Dutch: Closest to my heart.

Wynonna Earp
Dolls: Are you gonna make a demand? Because if you’re gonna make it, make it now before I shoot that compensating mustache off your smirking face.

Doc: I don’t want to be a dick, but I can outdraw you anywhere, anyhow.
Dolls: Fine. Then shoot me.
Doc: Well, I would prefer not to, but I’m on a tight schedule.

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