Quotes of the Week: August 20-September 2

These are my favorite quotes from the past two weeks, mostly from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching.

Game of Thrones
Gendry: How do you keep your balls from freezing off?
Tormund: You have to keep moving. That’s the secret. Walking’s good. Fighting’s better. Fucking’s best.

Arya: The world doesn’t just let girls decide what they’re going to be.

Herr Starr: Why go on looking for God when you can just be Him?

Midnight, Texas
Mr. Snuggly: Oh my beeswax, the cat talks!

Emilia: Some fight with a sword. You fight with a pen.
Will: Pathetic.
Emilia: We must all be the hero we were born to be.

The Bold Type
Jane: Well, gentlemen, it’s been…well, Walt, you already know what I’m going to say so, goodnight.

Queen of the South
Teresa: I know the risks.
King George: But do you know the consequences?

Pote: I told you, you’re not Camila. I meant it. You’re better. You got heart.

Pree: Speak now, or forever hold your shade.

Wynonna Earp
Doc: Sorry I’m late. I kinda died.
Wynonna: Who didn’t?

Game of Thrones
Jon: When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything, and there are no more answers — only better and better lies.

Bran: He’s never been a bastard. He’s the heir to the Iron Throne.

Midnight, Texas
Manfred: Was I the only one not in the loop?
Olivia: Nope.
Fiji: Did not suspect that.
Lem: Well, that explains a few things.
Bobo: So, he’s an…
Rev: Angel.

Southwell: You have to make a choice, Alice. Will, and torment and heartache, or peace.

Isaac: There were a lot of times I sent you out into the field expecting you to get killed.
Bob Lee: That was for the greater good.
Isaac: And who gets to decide what that is, huh? It’s not guys like you and me. It’s always some douche-bag that’s ten levels up with nothing to risk. I just… I just wanted to be the guy to decide for once.

Harvey: I’m guessing you have a plan.
Mike: I’m guessing I do.

Rachel: You need to get through your head that I’m a grown woman, and that I’m not a damsel in distress that needs protecting!

Queen of the South
Camila: There can only be one queen.

Pote: A heart will kill you faster than a bullet.

Aneela: I knew you were the solution. I just couldn’t remember why.

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