Quotes of the Week: October 1-14

These are my favorite quotes from the past two weeks, mostly from shows currently on the air, but also other random things I happen to be watching.

Jamie: The pain of losing a child never leaves you.

Linda: I didn’t know they could grow back. Are wings like… body hair?

Lethal Weapon
Roger: Have you ever been finger-lingered?

Maureen: You didn’t bury your past in Mexico. Just a little piece of it.

This Is Us
Kevin: I need to prove to everyone that I’m the bigger man but, like, the funnier bigger man.

Kevin: You, Beth, you fell for the Manny’s game. Now you sit there and you just think about that for a second.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
Yvette: God does not stop existing based on what you believe.

The Good Place
Eleanor: Hey, Janet?
Janet: Hi, there!
Eleanor: Do you have something shiny Jason can play with?

Will & Grace
Will: He doesn’t like Madonna.
Jack: He should be beaten with a VHS copy of Evita.

Ben: When did you go soft?
Nick: Same time you went crazy.

Brianna: You gave Jamie up for me. Now I have to give him back to you.

Linda: Lucifer, you didn’t invent the idea of giving out favors… Yup, forgot who I was talking to. I suppose you did.

The Gifted
Marcos: Turns out one of our best super powers is bankrupting hospitals. We’re born with the ultimate pre-existing condition.

Lethal Weapon
Riggs: In my experience, the best way to avoid those kind of bruises is to avoid guys who are givin’ ’em to you.
Shaye: Yeah, well, in my experience, the guy givin’ ’em to you knows you can’t avoid him, because your whole life, career, your whole world depends on him. So… bruises heal.

Alex: Stop. Don’t cry. If you cry, I’m gonna cry, and then everybody here’s gonna know that we actually can cry.

This Is Us
Sylvester Stallone: In my experience, there’s no such thing as a long time ago. There’s only memories that mean something, and memories that don’t.

The Good Place
Eleanor: You’re learning what it’s like to be human. All humans are aware of death. So we’re all a little bit sad… all the time. That’s just the deal.
Michael: Sounds like a crappy deal.
Eleanor: Well, yeah. It is. But we don’t get offered any other ones. And if you try and ignore your sadness, it just ends up leaking out of you anyway. I’ve been there. Everybody’s been there. So don’t fight it.

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