8 Baseball Figures…

Major League Baseball playoffs are in full swing (Go, Astros) and, there are not nearly enough shows about baseball, or that even include characters that at least play baseball. Here is my list of players, and really just anyone baseball adjacent (coaches, announcers, etc.). I did not include episodes in which regular characters play a random game of baseball, but I did include guest stars who only appeared in one episode of their particular show.

1. Samuel “Mayday” Malone – Cheers
played by Ted Danson
Sam was a relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, but had to retire early due to his alcoholism. Sam now owns a Boston bar. This is still one of my favorite shows of all time.

2. Edmund Gonzales – Necessary Roughness
played by Adam Rodriguez
Eddie is a baseball slugger who suddenly cannot hit, and seeks help from psychotherapist Dr. Dani Santino. The show usually centered around football, but I always enjoyed when they explored other sports.

3. Genevieve “Ginny” Baker – Pitch
played by Kylie Bunbury
Ginny is a pitcher, and the first female player in Major League Baseball. She is a starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres. I am still not over the cancellation of this awesome show.

4. Joe, The New Yankee – Sex and the City
played by Mark Devine
Carrie catches a fly ball at a New York Yankees game, and uses her press pass to score a date with the new Yankee. They go on a few dates but, she ultimately breaks up with Yankee Joe. Considering the show was set in NYC, which is a big sports town, I am actually surprised that the girls did not date any other professional athletes.

5. Kenny Powers – Eastbound & Down
played by Danny McBride
Kenny is a burned-out Major League ballplayer who teaches Physical Education at his old middle school, while trying to get back into professional baseball. I never actually watched this show but, as I said, there are not nearly enough shows involving my favorite sport.

6. Tony Micelli – Who’s the Boss?
played by Tony Danza
Tony was a second baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals until a shoulder injury forced him to retire. He and his daughter move from Brooklyn to Connecticut, and he finds a job as a live-in housekeeper. It has been so long since I watched this show, I had honestly forgotten that Tony was a former athlete. I do, however, enjoy actress Alyssa Milano’s sports-themed clothing line: Touch by Alyssa Milano

7. Jim Brockmire – Brockmire
played by Hank Azaria
Brockmire is a play-by-play announcer who has a breakdown in the booth and leaves baseball. A decade later, he is convinced by a minor league team owner to come back as the voice of the Morristown Frackers. This is a fabulous show that everyone needs to check out immediately.

8. Josh Exley – The X-Files
played by Jesse L. Martin
Exley is an alien that fell in love with baseball and stayed on Earth disguised as a human to play the game. He is eventually discovered and killed by an alien bounty hunter. I was never an X-Files fan, but I do love Jesse L. Martin.

Did I miss anyone important? Let me know in the comments, because I am genuinely interested. Where are all the baseball players?!

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