30 Day TV Show Challenge

Day 1 Show That Never Should Have Been Canceled: ENLISTED
Day 2 Show That You Wish More People Were Watching: NO TOMORROW
Day 3 Favorite New Show: SWEET/VICIOUS
Day 4 Favorite Show Ever: VERONICA MARS
Day 6 Favorite Episode of Favorite Show: “A Trip to the Dentist
Day 7 Least Favorite Episode of Favorite Show: “Postgame Mortem
Day 8 Show Everyone Should Watch: DEADWOOD
Day 9 Best Scene Ever: SPORTS NIGHT’s “You’re wearing my shirt, Gordon.”

Day 10 Show You Thought You Wouldn’t Like, But Ended Up Loving: JANE THE VIRGIN
Day 11 Show That Disappointed You: GREY’S ANATOMY
Day 12 Episode You’ve Watched 5+ Times: FRIENDS “The One Where No One’s Ready
Day 13 Favorite Childhood Show: SAVED BY THE BELL
Day 14 Favorite Male Character: Jax Teller – SONS OF ANARCHY
Day 15 Favorite Female Character: Angela Chase – MY SO-CALLED LIFE
Day 16 Favorite Guilty Pleasure Show: THE ROYALS
Day 17 Favorite Mini-Series: DR. HORRIBLE’S SING-ALONG BLOG
Day 18 Favorite Title Sequence: JACK & BOBBY

Day 19 Best Show Cast: Shameless
Day 20 Favorite Kiss: FELICITY’s First Kiss with Ben

Day 21 Favorite ‘Ship: JANE THE VIRGIN’s Jane and Rafael #TeamRafael
Day 22 Favorite Series Finale: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
Day 23 Most Annoying Character: HOMELAND’s Dana Brody
Day 24 Best Quote: “In the future, if you’re wondering: ‘Crime. Boy, I don’t know,’ is when I decided to kick your ass.” – President Bartlet; THE WEST WING

Day 25 Show You Plan To Watch: SIX FEET UNDER
Day 26 OMG, WTF? Season Finale: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Founder’s Day
Day 27 Best Pilot Episode: THE BLACK DONNELLYS
Day 28 First TV Show Obsession: FRIENDS
Day 29 Current TV Show Obsession: iZOMBIE
Day 30 Saddest Character Death: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s Marvin Eriksen Sr.