8 Episodes of Friends…

I recently started re-watching Friends from the beginning and decided to make my list of favorite episodes. There are definitely plot points from other episodes that I love (mostly having to do with Ross-leather pants, teeth whitening, tanning, etc.) but feel that the other parts of those episodes are not as great. This is still one of my favorite shows and I can watch the episodes repeatedly and still quote most of the lines.

1. The One With George Stephanopoulos The boys go to a hockey game and Ross gets hit in the face with the puck and they end up in the emergency room. The girls have a slumber party and end up with George Stephanopoulos’s pizza so they spy on him from their balcony.

2. The One Where No One’s Ready Ross is giving a speech at the museum where he works and he is getting very frustrated when no one is ready on time. Monica has just broken up with Richard, but she hears a message from him on the answering machine and is not sure if it is new or old. Joey and Chandler are fighting over the chair which escalates into Joey putting on all of Chandler’s clothes.

3. The One the Morning After This one takes place the morning after Rachel told Ross that she wanted to take a break and he slept with the copy girl. They argue and break up while the rest of the friends are trapped in Monica’s bedroom. I think this was really the first time that I was so invested in a show and its characters that it actually made me cry when Ross and Rachel broke up.

4. The One With Chandler in a Box This is the Thanksgiving episode from Season 4. Joey found out that Chandler is in love with and kissed his girlfriend, so he makes Chandler spend the day inside a box. Monica has invited Richard’s son Timothy to dinner and Ross is made at Rachel for returning a necklace her gave her while they were dating.


8 of the Greatest TV Pets…

Last week, I lost my best friend in the whole world to cancer. His name was Archie, he was a 13 year old Shetland Sheepdog and I really do feel like I lost a part of myself. What is shocking (and a little weird) is that several of my friends have also had to put their dogs down in the past two weeks or have recently found out that their pets are ill. So, this week’s post is not just in memory of Archie, but also for Charlie, Fleur, Jake, Maddie, Harry, Augie, Alize and anyone else who has lost their friend.

1. Marcel – Friends His favorite song was The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens, he had a thing for Curious George and he eventually became a movie star, how could you not love Marcel?!

2. Backup – Veronica Mars He kind of disappeared after the first season but, when he was around, he always protected Veronica from the bad guys.

3. Wildfire – Wildfire Kris saved Wildfire from being slaughtered and Wildfire saved Kris from her delinquent past so the two became forever linked. In the series finale, Jean and Pablo gave Wildfire to Kris as a wedding present because of their bond.

4. Burt Reynolds – Hart of Dixie He belongs to Bluebell Mayor Lavon Hayes and scared Zoe on her first night in town. He was also once kidnapped by the mayor of neighboring town Fillmore. I just wish we saw more of Burt.


8 of My Favorite Food-Related Storylines…

My best friend just had her second baby two weeks ago, so in honor of Chase and because his mother requested this list, I present to you my favorite food related storylines.

1. Friends – Rachel’s Trifle This whole episode is one of my favorites, especially when Ross and Monica’s mother calls everybody out at the end, but it all starts with the trifle.

2. Kitchen Confidential – Chef Gerard After one too many bypass surgeries, instead of deciding to start eating healthy, Jack’s culinary school professor chooses Nolita as the location for his very last meal.

3. Seinfeld – Soup Nazi You cannot have a food-related list and not include this episode. It is just so funny and it makes me yell, “No soup for you!”

4. Sons of Anarchy – Chuckie’s Chili Chuckie finds an interesting place to hide a head that was dropped on SAMCRO’s doorstep from the deputies that are searching the clubhouse. They even ask to taste the chili because it just smells so good.


8 of My Favorite Character Make-Overs…

Welcome to My TV Family! I have decided to move on from my previous website, Aye, Tortuga!, and start fresh with a more television focused blog. I am glad that you are joining me on this new adventure! To kick things off, I present you with my favorite TV make-overs. Some of these are permanent changes the characters made to their appearance and some are simply one-time looks, but all are amazing.

1. Veronica Mars: At the request of her friend Meg, Veronica is forced to go to the ’80s themed Spring Dance. She describes the Madonna-esque outfit as “Manila Whore Barbie.”

2. My So-Called Life: In the series premiere, Angela is convinced by new friends Rayanne and Rickie to dye her hair red.

3. Firefly: In order to meet a new contact for a job, Mal and Kaylee have to get dressed up and go to a ball. Kaylee uses the opportunity to wear a new dress she had been eying and Mal is her escort, tight pants and all.

4. Orphan Black: After seeing Beth, a woman that looks remarkably similar to herself, jump in front of a train, Sarah decides to take over this stranger’s identity. In order to steal all of Beth’s money as well, Sarah needs a new hairstyle and a new accent.